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Mike Abramson


While living in Chicago, Mike joined the D1 team in early 2012 as legal counsel. Though Mike does not have the storied collegiate sports career of either Will or Dan (as a 5′ 9″ Jewish guy this shouldn’t surprise anyone), he excelled in the sport of powerlifting and loved training. It was with this passion for training and background as an attorney that provided a unique fit for Mike’s initial role with D1 as General Counsel.

In 2016, as a result of D1’s growth and transition to a franchise system Mike moved into the role of President at D1 (gratefully pawning off any and all legal work to D1’s Associate Counsel). His natural desire to develop those around him and foster a community whose mission is to inspire others to be their best wakes him up every morning, excited to be a part of the D1 family!

After living in Chicago for 11 years, Mike moved down to Franklin, TN with his beautiful wife, Elizabeth (known to her friends as Bebe) and their lovely daughter, Charlotte. He now listens to more country music then he thought possible and is doing his best to not eat his weight in Nashville’s Hot Chicken!

PS – Mike wants it to be known that he can officially out-squat Will.