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Are you looking for a program that helps athletes reach their goals? Check out our Overtime and D1-on-1 programs for private and semi-private training aimed at improving and developing specific skills so that you can be the best athlete you can be. Our facility offers individualized training programs that is perfect for all ages and skill levels across a variety of different sports and positions.

Every student will have access to dedicated, individualized coaching and training that is designed to:

  • Reach a specific goal
  • Bring athletes in alignment with their goals
  • Enhance strengths and improve areas of development
  • Improve overall ability

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “I loved the D1 Madison West Speed Clinic! I learned a lot and got to meet the D1 team and other people! I’m most excited that I learned to run better and the correct athletic stance!” - Greta, Developmental 12-14 yrs
  • “I am a proud member of D1 and appreciate the attention and excellent coaching! They understand that "training professionally" means paying attention to proper form/alignment, keeping safety a number one priority while encouraging and guiding us to reach our personal best - while having a lot of fun! My husband was an All Star Athlete back in the day. He trained with all ...” - Lynn
  • “I'm a gymnast and a track athlete. I came to D1 to get stronger for gymnastics and faster for track. I really like the team energy! It really pushes you to push each other to do more weight and get faster!” - Violet, Prep Athlete 15-18 Years