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D1 To U Program Set Up

The following information will assist you in getting started with our D1 to U program, as well as guide you throughout the process. Your Coach and Program Director will be checking in with you periodically and available to answer any questions.

  • Please click on the link below to our Waiver Form & complete ASAP
    • *Note each person in your home using the program must have a form on file*

      Waiver Form

  • Getting Started: Once your calendar is uploaded you will receive an email from TrainHeroic with download information and an access code - follow those steps and you will be good to go.
  • Calendar: You may notice multiple programs for each day on your calendar.
    • This is to provide you with options given your home equipment and space availability.
    • Thus, you can choose one or mix and match.
    • All programs are on a periodization and compliment each other.
  • Email addresses: Best practices is to have one email for each person in your family.
    • If you choose to only use one email note you will see multiple programs on the same calendar day for each person. *Note many school districts block outside emails. Thus, you may need to provide me with a personal email address*
  • Workouts: Programs are designed for age groups based on the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. You'll notice programs appearing on your calendar as time goes on.
    • Our programs are not “cookie cutters” and are being updated 24/7.
    • Customization begins after your first training cycle.
  • Videos: We have provided videos for many of our movements coupled with coaching cues and instruction. If you are not sure of a movement please use YouTube or google for clarity.
    • You may also substitute exercises to your proficiency level, or use some of your current programming (i.e. you have a dynamic warm-up you already perform), keep using that and disregard the one on your calendar.
  • Social Media: We would love to hear about and see your workouts or comments on our social media platforms.

The team with the most videos and comments will be awarded A Full month of FREE Training Sessions in our brand new, State of the Art Facility!

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “I really love D1 because of the welcoming community and amazing coaches. I like how it offers a variety of exercises that challenge us and allow us to progress to meet our goals. The sense of teamwork and competition motivate me to work hard. Overall, the positive environment makes it a great time!” - Nolan H
  • “I look and feel healthier, stronger, more mobile, and flexible since coming in 4-5 days a week!” - Lance M
  • “I like how the D1 coaches challenge me and push me to my max with every single workout and rep.” - Chase M