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Franklin Athletic & Sports Training

Hire D1 Training Cool Springs for Fitness Experts

Are you tired of overcrowded gyms where the facility is broken down and the equipment is worn out? Are you sick of misleading trainers that don’t have the experience or resources to provide the serious athletic sports conditioning you need? If this sounds familiar, YOU should be training at D1 Training Cool Springs.

At D1 Training Cool Springs, we offer Franklin athletic training that really works. Our results-oriented approach has been shown to be effective for ordinary children and adults, as well as professional athletes. We provide specialized equipment, targeted workout programs, and cutting-edge facilities, so you always have everything you need to meet your unique fitness goals. Our methods are also backed by tested sports science rather than health fads and gimmicks. If you are looking for Franklin sports training that’s challenging, fun, and proven to have a positive outcome, come to D1 Training Cool Springs today.

What makes our Franklin fitness training center different?

  • Specialized Facility: Every D1 training facility is equipped with multilayered turf, exactly like what you would find at a D1 University. We also provide customized equipment, on-site physical therapy, fully stocked weight rooms, and targeted retail centers, so you can get everything you need to train the way college athletes do.
  • Sports Science Backing: Designed by a national training panel and backed by copious research, D1’s five-star program is well-rounded and tested, so your body develops new skills in a safe, scientific way.
  • Targeted Workouts: Smart workouts are all about building on existing goals to push yourself further. That’s why at D1 Training Cool Springs, our approach is based on periodization, so each week you can improve upon your best results, allowing you to get better and better all the time.

Looking to take your training to the next level? Contact our Franklin facility at (615) 235-5091.

What D1 Can Do for You

For founder Will Bartholomew, the goal of D1 Training has always been to bring the same approach to training you find in D1 Universities to athletes and general fitness enthusiasts around the country. After playing with Peyton Manning at the University of Tennessee, he was set to join him on the Denver Broncos when he experienced a career-ending knee injury. However, as a born athlete, he was determined to contuse training. When he looked around and saw the average gym would not meet his needs, the idea for D1 Training was born.

Now, you can experience the best coaches, equipment, and workout programs here in the Franklin, TN community that you would get at America’s elite D1 Universities. At D1 Training Cool Springs, we believe that serious training doesn’t just have to be for collegiate and professional athletes. Contact us today, and get what you need to take your workout up a level.

At D1 Training Cool Springs, our tested 54-minute workouts follow a progression of:

  • Dynamic warm-up
  • Performance
  • Strength training
  • Core and conditioning
  • Cool down

Since 2001, D1 Training has trained over 100 NFL Draft Picks and 1,000 professional athletes and been named a Top 30 Gym by Men’s Health. We’ve also expanded from being a place where youth athletes could come to hone their skills to become a nationally recognized brand that’s helped thousands of athletes of all ages to reach their goals. To start achieving your sports and fitness goals, contact our Franklin training facility today.

Get the training you need. Dial (615) 235-5091 now.

  • Specialized Facility Every D1 Training center offers customized equipment that’s not found in any other facility. We also offer on-site weight rooms, retail centers and more.
  • Sports Science Backing D1’s core 5-Star program is designed by a national training panel, where D1 then layers in skills-development training to create a well-rounded program.
  • Targeted Workouts Daily workouts designed around the concept of periodization means that each week builds on the previous one to achieve targeted, specific goals.

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “These classes for young kids 15 and older are wonderful! Kept me in shape during the dead period for TSSAA volleyball. Cant wait to do it again next year.” - Natalee B
  • “Thank you D1 for helping me lose over 10 pounds in 6 weeks. I combined the provided nutrition plan with a solid gym schedule and was able to reach my goals. The trainers are very knowledgeable, motivating and engaging. They will push you to new limits. I feel more energized and athletic than I have in years. 1..2..3..D1!” - Russell

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