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  • “I am so happy D1 came to Saint Paul!! I had been out of the gym for all of 2020 and struggled to keep active on my own. Thanks to everyone at D1 Saint Paul I am getting back on track with my fitness goals. With an excellent combination of Boot Camp and Strength training I'm loving the daily workouts. The facility is AMAZING and there are so many different machines and equipment, that in the past would have been intimidating to me. The owners and staff are super friendly and welcoming, making everyone feel comfortable regardless of fitness levels. The instructors really know their stuff and train proper form, safety, nutrition, and overall wellness. I am so excited to watch this business grow and thrive!!”
    Vicki Plaistow
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “Having done this program now for about 7 month I can honestly say this is the best place in the cities to help you gain lean muscle mass. The program and all the activities you do will get you the results wether you’re trying to lose weight or put on lean muscle like myself. The mixture of cardio, and weight lifting is a perfect combination. You will get the results you want working out here end the coaches will help you every step of the way.”
    Caleb Hindt
    St Paul, MN
  • “I have gone to many gyms and personal trainers throughout the years, and D1 has been one of my absolute favorites. From inquiring information about the gym, to my initial session, to now having 1:1 training sessions and weekly classes, I have been overly impressed every step. The management and trainers truly care about their community and every individual that walks through the door! I would highly recommend D1 to anyone.”
    Alison R.
    Woodbury, MN
  • “Great place! Their equipment is top notch. I’ve been pretty lazy over the last year and being an environment like D1 is really motivating to get back into fitness! Would definitely recommend you come check them out! They offer a free class, and you can park in the Treasure Island building and they’ll validate it if you don’t want to street parking.”
    Jenny T.
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “Great place to stay motivated and hit your fitness goals whatever they are. Knowledgeable and helpful trainers and shiny new equipment cover anything you’d need. Highly recommend!”
    Sean K.
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “The crew at D1 are awesome, from the owners to the coaches to the front desk staff. My 9 year old stepdaughter is absolutely in love with her Rookie class and loves that she's getting stronger and it's FUN. We joined as a family, with us doing the Bootcamp classes and her doing the Rookie classes and it's an awesome way to get in shape and spend time together. Fitness is fun here and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to up their strength and conditioning. I'm a goalie on an amateur soccer team and really feel like this is taking my game to the next level. I lost 4lbs the first week of classes and can't wait to see what this does more for my health. They also take cleaning and Covid precautions seriously here, which is appreciated. You get personalized training in a group class atmosphere, and really feel like you're a part of the D1 family. Highly recommend!! I really can't say enough great things about this place.”
    Kristin L.
    Woodbury, MN
  • “This place is awesome! The most value we've ever gotten for our money at any gym or fitness center. The staff is great and the trainers are always encouraging to those of all fitness levels and body types. They take a genuine interest in your health and goals without trying to push weight-loss products on you. We are always greeted by name and they take the time to answer any questions we have.”
    Jose A.
    Woodbury, MN
  • “The best workouts in the Twin Cities! After not working out consistently for a while I signed up for D1 I’m done with the results but have been motivated to come back every week for more! This is top notch training that you won’t find anywhere else! Sign up today! You won’t be disappointed!”
    Alan P.
    Woodbury, MN
  • “I love working out at D1. I’ve been here for a couple months now and it’s the best training experience I’ve ever had. I feel comfortable pushing myself throughout our workouts. The coaches are professional and know what they’re doing. I highly recommend!”
    Maddie V
    Minneapolis, MN
  • “D1 is a competitive environment for former athletes. The coaches push you as well and teach new techniques at your own pace. I was amember in high school and all throughout college. I’m a member now after those gorgeous and it’s just as beneficial as before!! I encourage everyone to come get this work!!”
    Jarvis W.
    Minneapolis, MN
  • “I had been looking forward to D1 opening since I heard they were planning a St. Paul location. As a former athlete, I appreciate the team's approach to training--focusing on strength, power, explosiveness, and agility in addition to conditioning. The coaches are knowledgeable, engaging, and go the extra mile to meet your overall fitness needs. I've spent years in traditional big box gyms and gave Crossfit a try for a while. I can unequivocally say that D1's combination of programming and coaching has been my best experience by far.”
    Bryan H.
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “D1 has a great training facility and amazing trainers. I've been a member for about a month and every time I'm there I feel welcomed and supported.I really enjoy the workout structure I feel its designed to push you to maximum performance every round. The constant support and enthusiasm from the trainers really get me pumped and focused to push myself past my walls. I also bring my daughter to the rookie classes which are held at the same time as my bootcamp class. I love it we both get a great workout and every now and then we can shout words of encouragement to one another its a great way for us to strengthen and develop our relationship.I highly recommend D1 Training for everyone!”
    Bianca S.
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “Beautiful facility, professional, knowledgeable and caring staff. D1 offers a beautiful new facility in the heart of downtown. Connected parking is available for added safety if skyways are a concern. Competent staff are focused on form and overall health of clients in a supportive community environment. Training sessions are well planned and focused on scientific methods that drive results. Staff has been committed to ensuring COVID safety measures and protocol.”
    Rochelle W.
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “If you’re looking for knowledgeable/well-educated trainers who place an emphasis on safety, a beautiful well equipped facility with strict COVID protocols, and an atmosphere of encouragement and support (from staff and members) - this is the place. I had been searching for a “gym” off and on since moving to Minnesota six years ago. During this time, acclimation to the bold north’s long and dark winters negatively impacted my physical health making the thought of walking into a training facility difficult. (Let’s be real, it wasn’t just the weather - my love of restaurants and bourbon likely played a part as well...) I watched the D1 buildout with anticipation, but assumed it would be overly intense for an out of shape individual eligible for a mid-life crisis like me. I was wrong. One does not need to be a performance athlete to benefit (physically and mentally) from training here! From first contact via phone through today (a couple months later) the experience delivered through staff/ownership has been exceptional. Give it a try - your body may be sore, but you won’t be disappointed.”
    Matt S.
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “This is the second D1 facility I’ve had the privilege to be a part of. This isn’t your every day run of the mill gym. This isn’t CrossFit. It’s a whole different world full of functional fitness that’s made fun! They mix things up all the time so you’re never bored. The staff are all amazing! I’m doing the D1 on 1 to jumpstart myself back into the workout world and it’s the best decision I’ve made. The location is easy to get to. Parking ramp to keep you protected from the elements. Fun for adults and kids alike. Stop by and give them a try!”
    Christina I.
    Minneapolis, MN
  • “First, I like the proximity of the facility to my house and my office - should we ever return to said office. Second, as a former college athlete it feels amazing to get back to my "roots." I ha e continued weightlifting and other workouts since those days, but D1 reminded me of the full body aesthetics and routines that made me the athlete is was. I know those days are behind me but I can still be in close enough shape for contention! As someone who's suffered multiple injuries, accidents and radical health issues, D1 also provides rehabilitation and restrengthening exercises that only help me grow and improve more. Take it from an avid gym-aholic...D1 is the place to be!”
    Tera M.
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “As with all my favorite things lately, I discovered D1 while browsing Instagram. The partial football field/turf floor, functional weights area, and youth classes seemed like the perfect place to blend my love of working out with my 10 year-old son's love of football. The lack of youth sports, gym class, and recess has been hard on an active young person. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and know how to motivate us individually. The space is kept very clean and wiping down equipment after each set is part of the workout. As someone with older parents, taking as many COVID precautions is necessary. We love this gym and can't wait to see where it takes us. In the words of my son, "Mama, if I keep doing this I should be able to lift Combine weight by middle school." Stick with it, big guy. I'm certain the trainers here will get you there :-)”
    Julie R.
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “Tried out D1 and got hooked immediately! Always a great work out with knowledgeable coaches. In the month I have been going I’ve already seen noticeable differences in my body visually and on the playing field. Speed is up and explosiveness! Thanks D1!!!”
    Steven B.
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “The staff is very friendly and offers tons of encouragement. I’ve had surgery done and they were very helpful and willing to accommodate my situation while still offering me a good work out. I feel great afterwards!”
    Bryon M
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “This place is amazing!! I have been going here for about a month now and just in that short period of time I have seen lots of progress!! That staff is very knowledgeable and their programs for training are second to none . They work with you no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran. They make sure you are getting the best out of each workout and if you give them your 100 percent you will see results. I can't wait to see what the future holds and I am so glad I found this place !! Thank you D1!!”
    Jason Z.
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “D1 has been a transformative experience for my son. The creativity of the daily programs and the engagement of the coaches has been first-rate. My 14-year-old is stoked to go work his tail off daily for this guy, which is amazing because most 14-year-olds are generally not that excited to engage in this level of work. It has created a commitment in my kid to be a better baseball and football player. Highly recommend.”
    Jason P
    Woodbury, MN
  • “This place is awesome. The entire facility is new (including the equipment) and the place is huge. They share the facility with a couple of other fitness companies and it's a super welcoming vibe. The trainers know what they're doing and they meet their clients where they are on their fitness journey. Highly recommend D1!”
    Jeremy S
    Eagan, MN
  • “D1 Training St. Paul with Kris & his crew are absolutely AMAZING! We had my son’s 8th bday party there and it was more than we could have wished for. The D1 team kept the atmosphere fun & energetic! The hospitality was warm, welcoming, and simply exceptional. The kids were able to release all that energy playing dodgeball, flag football, tug of war, etc. while parents got to partake too! We will be back to D1 very soon to check out all services they have to offer!!!”
    Nichole R
    Woodbury, MN
  • “I've been fortunate enough to partake in a ton of group workout experiences all across the country, but none have been as structured and expertly curated as those conducted by D1! Their workouts are thoughtfully regimented and have a great breadth of range allowing for everyone of all fitness levels to have an EXCELLENT workout experience. Whether you're an elite athlete looking for some new ideas to work into your weekly routine or a person who's not sure where to start with working out, D1 is where you want to be!”
    Calvin W.
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “I've been attending D1 training for a few weeks now and have been enjoying it much more than I thought I would. I feel like I am getting results (strength) fast, with the help of the coaches always challenging me to add more weight to our lifts. 😊 The facilities are fantastic! With a good measure of turf and weights area, there is always room to workout even with a bigger class. The other thing that I've found great about D1 is the other participants. People come from all over the Twin Cities metro area to attend, which speaks to the quality of training.”
    Ashlee S.
    Saint Paul, MN
  • “D1 training is a training/conditioning facility for literally anyone! It does not require current knowledge of D1 type training, or advanced training. The instructors and coaches are professional, trained, and invested in helping you achieve your personal goals. Additionally, the team environment creates a fun, fast-paced, effective workout. As an added bonus, Veterans are currently receiving free workout options as part of a program developed to promote healthy activities. As a Veteran, I am grateful for this opportunity to work-out, and be challenged in a team environment that supports cohesion and morale. Thank you D1 for making a difference in not only physical health, but mental wellness.”
    Jamie G.
    Minneapolis, MN