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Colleyville Scholastic Training

Fitness Training for Kids & Teens

Is your child struggling with self-confidence issues? The issue might be that they have never had the chance to really prove themselves. At D1 Training Colleyville, we have created a unique scholastic training program for children and teenagers that builds both stronger bodies and minds. By keeping your child engaged in fun, supervised, and safe exercises, they can discover their inner athlete and self-determination.

Our four scholastic training programs for boys and girls are:

  • Rookie: Covers the fundamentals of exercise. For children 7 to 11.
  • Developmental: Introduces young athletes to weight-training and more advanced exercise methods. For teens 12 to 14.
  • Prep: Places focus on power, speed, coordination, strength, and focus, and how these concepts apply to exercise, sports, and other facets of life. For teens 15 to 18.
  • Overtime: Semi-private coaching and training sessions for student-athletes with specific workout goals, like earning a sports scholarship. For student-athletes of all ages.

All four levels of our scholastic training programs include constant supervision and direction for the young athletes. At D1 Training Colleyville, safety comes first.

Uplift Your Child with Athletic Training

Growing up and maturing can be a difficult, confusing time for your child. With our scholastic training programs geared for children and teens, they can feel centered and focused through engaging exercise that teaches them to believe in themselves. No matter what your child’s dreams may be, D1 Training Colleyville wants to help them reach them through character and confidence development made possible – and fun – through exciting athletic training.

Find out why we’re a favorited scholastic training center in Colleyville. Call (817) 755-1172 today.

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