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Professional Athletes

Our Dedication to Fitness

Pro athletes in sports ranging from baseball, basketball, football to soccer come to D1’s state-of-the-art facilities for expert training, privacy and an environment in which they are accustomed. See what they had to say about D1 Training.

D1 Pro Testimonials

  • D1 Athlete - Chris Paul

    Chris Paul

    “What attracted me to D1 was its commitment to excellence. It’s all about fine tuning, not only athletes, but also everyday people.”
  • D1 Athlete - Tim Tebow

    Tim Tebow

    “I didn’t find any place better than D1 and I fell in love with it and said ‘I’m going to train there.”
  • D1 Athlete - Von Miller

    Von Miller

    “Athletes and teams need a place that inspires them and equips them to be their best, D1 is that place.”
  • D1 Athlete - LaDainian Tomlinson

    LaDainian Tomlinson

    “If you’re looking for a place where you can come and get everything you need, the training, the nutrition, the rehab, the weight training, the skill training – D1 is the place for you. D1 is the place for the athlete to come and get better each and every day.”
  • D1 Athlete - Peyton Manning

    Peyton Manning

    “I’m kind of envious of the kids today that have the opportunity to train at a place like this and see the kind of coaching –because it can make you quicker, stronger, faster and a better athlete.”
  • D1 Athlete - Jason Witten

    Jason Witten

    “D1 understands that its job is to make the athlete the best they can be. Not just physical, but emotionally and mentally. D1 pours into their athletes and each individual is going to get trained to their best and be better because of the coaches and environment they are in.”

D1 Athletes

  • D1 Athlete - Philip Rivers
    Philip Rivers
  • D1 Athlete - Jacob Hester
    Jacob Hester
  • D1 Athlete - Von Miller
    Von Miller
  • D1 Athlete - Peyton Manning
    Peyton Manning
  • D1 Athlete - Randall Cobb
    Randall Cobb
  • D1 Athlete - Chris Paul
    Chris Paul
  • D1 Athlete - Jason Witten
    Jason Witten
  • D1 Athlete - Roy Hibbert
    Roy Hibbert
  • D1 Athlete - Vernon Davis
    Vernon Davis
  • D1 Athlete - A.J. Hawk
    A.J. Hawk
  • D1 Athlete - Michael Oher
    Michael Oher
  • D1 Athlete - Robert Griffin III
    Robert Griffin III
  • D1 Athlete - Rudy Gay
    Rudy Gay
  • D1 Athlete - Jeff Green
    Jeff Green
  • D1 Athlete - Ladainian Tomlinson
    Ladainian Tomlinson
  • D1 Athlete - Tim Tebow
    Tim Tebow
  • D1 Athlete - Chipper Jones
    Chipper Jones
  • D1 Athlete - Herschel Walker
    Herschel Walker
  • D1 Athlete - Darius Miller
    Darius Miller
  • D1 Athlete - Barry Cofield
    Barry Cofield
  • D1 Athlete - Ahman Green
    Ahman Green
  • D1 Athlete - Jody Shelley
    Jody Shelley
  • D1 Athlete - Jordan Shipley
    Jordan Shipley
  • D1 Athlete - Brodie Croyle
    Brodie Croyle
  • D1 Athlete - Justin Snow
    Justin Snow
  • D1 Athlete - David Thornton
    David Thornton
  • D1 Athlete - Mike Vrabel
    Mike Vrabel