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  • 14th Annual D1 Coach Summit with Owner Peyton Manning During the 14th Annual D1 Coach Summit, over 100 D1 Coaches and Staff convened in New Orleans, Louisiana for a training and educational summit. As a long standing tradition, day one featured a special visit to D1 Celebrity owner Peyton Manning's camp in Thibodaux, Louisiana. ... Continue Reading
  • D1 Training Honors Exceptional Coaches and Franchisees with D1 Awards at the 14th Annual D1 Coach Summit New Orleans, LA - June 22, 2023 - D1 Training, the renowned fitness training organization, proudly presented the prestigious D1 Awards at the 14th Annual D1 Coach Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana. The awards ceremony, held on June 22, 2023, brought together dedicated D1 ... Continue Reading
  • Sustaining the New Year Motivation Ironically, we’re starting this year and motivational blurb on a not-so-high note, so let's get straight to the point: Motivation is fleeting. It’s never consistent for anyone. Period. No one is motivated 100% of the time. We have all experienced this - it comes in short ... Continue Reading
  • D1 in 2020 Five Key Moments That Propelled D1 During an Unprecedented Year Last year as we wrapped 2019, no one could have imagined how 2020 would unfold. The unexpected challenges unraveled even the best goals and strategies set in place as most found themselves adapting to ... Continue Reading
  • Jump Rope Vs. Running: Which One Will Give You a Better Workout? "Jump ropes have long been a staple on the playground, but as an adult, it’s a good idea to put them at the forefront of your fitness routine—especially if you’re a runner. The two workouts go hand-in-hand for building your best possible cardio routine, and when it comes to ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Benefits of Couples Working Out Together D1 Training’s very own Matt Kite shares workout options that are great to do with a partner in Best Company’s latest article. Become the power couple you always dreamed about by improving your physical strength together. Exercising with your partner is one of the best things ... Continue Reading
  • The D1 D1fference Every. Body. Needs. Training. At D1, our passion is to bring the experience of professional and collegiate athletes to everybody everywhere… and it all started with a seemingly devastating and unexpected roadblock for founder and CEO, Will Bartholomew. Nashville native Will ... Continue Reading
  • D1 Training Breaks into Illinois - First of Four Chicagoland Facilities Opens Early 2020 Local Entrepreneurs to Bring Leading Athletic-Based Fitness Concept to Naperville with Three More on the Way D1 Training, a leading fitness concept utilizing the five core tenets of athletic-based training, recently announced plans to bring four facilities to the Chicagoland ... Continue Reading
  • D1 Training is Tampa's Favorite Strength Training Gym! Here's Tampa's favorite form of exercise — and the best spots to sweat in style What does Tampa have in common with New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Phoenix? According to ClassPass' 2019 fitness trends, those cities share one most popular form of group exercise class: ... Continue Reading
  • D1 Training Strengthens Presence Throughout Texas; 5 New Facilities to Open by 2020 D1 Training - a leading fitness concept utilizing the five core tenets of athletic-based training to help people of all ages achieve their sport and fitness goals - has announced the projected openings of five new locations throughout Texas by 2020. The brand continues to ... Continue Reading
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