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Scholastic Training at D1 Training Dr. Phillips

Premier Training Facility for Ages Seven and Up

At D1 Training Dr. Phillips, we take pride in empowering student-athletes nationwide, enhancing performance, building confidence, and improving self-esteem for boys and girls aged 7 and older. Our holistic approach to training goes beyond physical development, focusing on character-building and core values.

Our Comprehensive Scholastic Programs

We offer four distinct scholastic programs tailored to different age groups, each designed to lay the groundwork for speed, strength, and athleticism while fostering character development.

  • Rookie Program: Designed for boys and girls ages 7-11, this program establishes the foundation for coordination and athleticism through fun and engaging activities.
  • Developmental Program: Targeted at ages 12-14, this curriculum introduces more advanced athletic movements, emphasizing power, speed, and age-appropriate weightlifting to enhance physical capabilities.
  • Prep Program: Aimed at ages 15-18, this program mirrors Division 1 collegiate training, focusing on developing power, speed, strength, and overall athleticism to prepare athletes for higher levels of competition.
  • Overtime Program: This specialized program caters to student-athletes with specific goals, providing semi-private coaching and sport-specific training to refine their skills and achieve peak performance.

For more information about our youth training program in Orlando, FL, call (407) 554-5251 or contact us online today.

Benefits of Youth Fitness Training

Our scholastic training program at D1 Training Dr. Phillips sets students up for success both on and off the field, offering numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Sports Performance: Our tailored training programs help athletes excel in their chosen sports while reducing the risk of injury through proper techniques and conditioning.
  • Healthy Habits: Our programs foster lifelong healthy habits, teaching students the importance of regular exercise and proper nutrition.
  • Improved Mental Health: Exercise has been proven to enhance mood and reduce stress. Our youth fitness program supports mental well-being, helping students manage stress and build resilience.
  • Better Physical Health: Our training helps build muscle strength, increase bone density, and reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, contributing to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

With D1 Training Dr. Phillips, your child will not only improve their physical fitness but also build resilience, discipline, and grit.

Why Choose Us?

At D1 Training Dr. Phillips, we strive to positively impact young athletes by inspiring and motivating them to reach their full potential. Our unique programs and workouts instill confidence, promote hard work, and encourage a competitive spirit. Visit our facility to experience the D1 difference firsthand and see how our training can help your child excel.

Join us today and experience the transformative benefits of our youth fitness training! Contact us at (407) 554-5251 or online to schedule a free class.

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “He is a great trainer. Gets along with the kids, improve the kids and a great person. Best place to take your child.” - Raffy Martinez
  • “I have been coming to D1 for about 9 weeks now and it has been amazing. I have been wanting to get back into working out and D1 Dr. Phillips is perfect for me. I come after work and I get a great workout in especially when I’ve had a bad day the coaches has high energy and it’s definitely contagious. I love D1 and I look forward to continuing to hold myself accountable and ...” - Jodi-Anne Saint Amand
  • “It has been 2 years since I started working out at D1, a great place to motivate your self and work out under highly qualified coaches. Very happy and highly recommend to check it out.” - Ben