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Little Rock Youth Athletic Training Program

What is Rookie Training?

The Rookie Training program at D1 Training Little Rock is a specialized program for young athletes aged 7-11 years old. The focus of this program is on developing foundational athletic skills like coordination, speed, strength and flexibility that will serve them well in any sport they choose to pursue!

Unleash Your Child's Potential With D1's Rookie Program! Call (501) 289-5609 or contact us online to sign up for a free trial today!

Developing Athletic Skills in Young Athletes

Our emphasis is on developing neural maps and nurturing character. We strive to instill a robust work ethic in our young trainees through an inspiring atmosphere backed by positive coaching. Our ultimate goal? To ensure your child grows into an athlete who values discipline, healthy living, and teamwork.

Training Theory and Healthy Lifestyle Education

At D1 Training Little Rock, we believe in empowering our rookies with essential training theory and terminology. We lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle, ensuring our athletes maintain fitness beyond their time at our sports training facility.

Comprehensive Motor Skills and Movement Training

Our athletic training extends beyond sports. We focus on developing motor skills and movement patterns, establishing coordination and balance, and introducing age-appropriate strength and resistance training fundamentals. Speed, agility, and conditioning foundations are also integral parts of our program.

Start Your Child's Athletic Journey in Little Rock

Teaching children about discipline, healthy living, and being active should start early. That's why our programs go beyond fitness, providing athletes with the foundation they need to grow into confident, well-rounded individuals. When your child walks through our doors, they aren't just stepping into a gym—they're becoming part of our team.

Benefits of Choosing D1's Rookie Training Program

At D1 Training Little Rock, we believe that every child has the potential to be an athlete if given the right guidance and support. Our rookie program not only helps your child develop physical skills but also instills values such as discipline, teamwork and perseverance.

Guidance from Professional Athletic Coaches

All our coaches are professionals with experience in various sports who understand how young athletes grow and develop. They are committed to ensuring each rookie gets individual attention while ensuring they learn in a fun and safe environment.

Our State-of-the-Art Athletic Training Facility

We boast a state-of-the-art facility equipped with all necessary equipment needed for comprehensive athletic training. This includes turf fields, weightlifting areas, agility courses among others.

Book Your Child's Free Athletic Training Trial

If you're ready for your child to take their first steps into athleticism under professional supervision, schedule a free trial today online or call us at (501) 289-5609. We are excited to be a part of your child's athletic journey!

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “Thank you D1 for a wonderful workout today! It was my first free class and wasn't sure what to expect. The trainer was very helpful. Everyone was friendly and the vibe was good. I look forward to the next class.” - Hope Long