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Upper Saddle River Personal Sports Training

D1-on-1 Training Program in Bergen County

If you’re looking for a more personalized training program, D1 Training has you covered! D1 Training Bergen County is a premier sports training facility in Upper Saddle River that provides personalized attention and customized workouts to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Founded on the principles of science-backed programs and world-class coaches, D1 Training has been helping people reach new heights in their fitness journeys for over a decade.

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Your Expert Personal TRainer in NJ

Hiring a fitness trainer is a great idea for anyone looking to get into shape. Our Bergen trainers can provide personalized guidance and instruction on how to reach your fitness goals, from weight loss to muscle building. They are knowledgeable in the areas of exercise physiology, nutrition, health promotion, and injury prevention which makes them an invaluable asset when it comes to reaching your desired outcome.

Having a fitness coach also offers many personal benefits such as providing motivation and accountability during workouts; they also customize workout plans based on individual needs so that each person gets the most out of their training sessions. Having someone who understands your body type, fitness level, and lifestyle will ensure you stay focused on achieving results faster than if you were working out alone or using generic programs found online or in magazines. Our trainers can also create workout plans for clients who have special medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease that require additional precautions while exercising. This can greatly decrease your risk of injury while getting your body in better shape to combat any existing conditions. All in all, hiring a fitness trainer is beneficial both physically & mentally!

Why Residents in Upper Saddle River Choose Us for Their Personal Training Goals?

At D1 Training Bergen County, customers can pick their goal and receive the support they need to achieve it. Whether you’re looking to finally hit your weight loss goals, or become an elite athlete, the professional staff at D1 have the knowledge and experience needed to make sure you get where you want to go.

Experienced Personal Trainers

The personal coaches at D1 are highly experienced and well-respected within the industry. They have extensive backgrounds in a variety of disciplines including strength training, agility training, nutrition counseling, and injury prevention. With every workout session, customers can be sure that they’re getting expert guidance from certified professionals who understand how to help them reach their targets safely and effectively.

Specialized Equipment

In addition to providing expert coaching services, D1 also offers a wide range of specialized equipment designed specifically for each individual’s needs. From free weights and machines to resistance bands and agility ladders, customers will find everything they need to reach their goals in one convenient location.

Online Classes

For those with busy schedules or limited mobility issues, online programming is available as well. Customers can access workout plans tailored just for them from any device with internet access allowing them to stay on track wherever life takes them.

Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster With D1-on-1

When you choose D1 Training for your fitness journey you can trust that you’ll have all the tools necessary to succeed. With experienced coaches offering personalized attention along with state-of-the-art equipment and online programming options, reaching your fitness goals has never been easier!

Ready to achieve your fitness goals? Schedule a D1-on-1 personal training session at our Upper Saddle River sports training facility!

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “Amazing place to train like an athlete! GREAT coaches and staff. The programs offered are good for all fitness levels and you can modify to adjust to your ability, which is a huge plus for us! They have classes from 5am to 9:00pm, which works perfectly for our schedule! I've been there for over a month now and it literally feels like home. You'll make new friends that ...” - Stephanie Bianca
  • “Just finished my 8th varsity hs volleyball training session. Trainers keep it fun & the time passes quickly. Very safe environment, temperature taken every time you walk in the door & everyone coming in wears masks. My game is definitely improving!” - Amy Acrrs
  • “My daughter, Lorelai, recently enrolled in D1's Volleyball Clinic in Upper Saddler River, NJ, to further develop her skills and abilities in the sport. Having participated in several other clinics, we somewhat knew what to expect -- or so we thought. Little did my daughter know that these four days would turn out to be one of the best volleyball practice experiences that ...” - Jhoanny M Cerda