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Youth Fitness Scholastic Training in Bergen County

High-Intensity Scholastic Fitness Program for Kids Age 7-18.

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Talent goes a long way, but practice goes much further, so get started early to be great! Whether for a sport or for general health, our specialized gyms at D1 Training Bergen County are perfect for encouraging a healthy lifestyle or preparing youth athletes for sports.

  • Rookie Training (ages 7-11) – The beginning program focuses on teaching the basics and taking the first steps to efficient exercising.
  • Developmental (ages 12-14) – With the basics down, this program introduces light weightlifting and strength training.
  • Prep (ages 15-18) – This program, like a Division 1 collegiate program, emphasizes advanced techniques and high-quality exercises.
  • Overtime (ages vary) – Our goal-specific program prepares athletes for their sport, or for specific goals.

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Fitness Classes Tailored to Your Child’s Fitness Level

Our Saddle River workouts are scientifically proven to give you the best results and our trainers specialize in customizing your workout. We can target your weaknesses and turn them into strengths with our five-star coaching, and help you lead a healthy lifestyle with our nutritional plans. If you’re looking for a program to prepare you or your child for success, this is the program for you!

Don't forget about adult training programs too!

What Are The Benefits of Youth Fitness Training?

D1 Training Bergen County's scholastic training program offers many benefits to student-athletes.

  • Improve Performance. Our youth fitness training regime has been designed to help students improve their performance in sports while reducing the risk of injury.
  • Physical Health. Our training program is also an effective tool in reducing the chances of obesity. Additionally, youth fitness can reduce the risk of long-term illnesses such as diabetes.
  • Mental Health. Students who engage in regular physical activity are also known to see improvements in their mental health, with exercise promoting the release of endorphins, the body's natural mood booster.
  • Encourage Good Habits. Our program goes beyond just physical fitness by setting the stage for lifetime healthy habits such as regular exercise and proper nutrition.

At D1 Training Bergen County, we strive to provide professional training tailored to each individual student's needs to ensure they receive the most benefit from their time with us. We are dedicated to providing our students with the right tools to succeed both on and off the field!

Unlock your child's potential with our youth fitness training programs in Bergen County. Give them the tools to succeed both on and off the field! Get in touch online or call (201) 905-2387 to get started.

Youth Sports Training for Saddle River Student Athletes

If you’re looking for a specialized fitness program that prepares youth athletes, our Scholastic Training is the program for you! Being an athlete is not an easy goal to attain, but with our help that goal is even more reachable. With our Prep and Overtime programs, you can stay in shape even when not practicing with your team. So, get started in our sports training facility early!

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Our trainers have experience working with professional athletes, many who have left testimonials that can be read here. Once you’re past the Scholastic Training, we have professional training programs available as well. Set your goals and we’ll help you reach them!

Start the Scholastic program to learn the skills you need for the future. Call D1 Training Bergen County at (201) 905-2387, or schedule a free workout here.

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “Amazing place to train like an athlete! GREAT coaches and staff. The programs offered are good for all fitness levels and you can modify to adjust to your ability, which is a huge plus for us! They have classes from 5am to 9:00pm, which works perfectly for our schedule! I've been there for over a month now and it literally feels like home. You'll make new friends that ...” - Stephanie Bianca
  • “Just finished my 8th varsity hs volleyball training session. Trainers keep it fun & the time passes quickly. Very safe environment, temperature taken every time you walk in the door & everyone coming in wears masks. My game is definitely improving!” - Amy Acrrs
  • “My daughter, Lorelai, recently enrolled in D1's Volleyball Clinic in Upper Saddler River, NJ, to further develop her skills and abilities in the sport. Having participated in several other clinics, we somewhat knew what to expect -- or so we thought. Little did my daughter know that these four days would turn out to be one of the best volleyball practice experiences that ...” - Jhoanny M Cerda