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D1 Celebrates Outstanding Achievements at Annual Franchise Summit

D1 Training, the premier fitness training franchise, hosted its annual Franchise Summit at the JW Marriott in Nashville, Tennessee, where outstanding achievements and exemplary performance were recognized and celebrated. The event, held on Saturday, November 11th, brought together the D1 community from across the country to honor individuals and facilities that have demonstrated exceptional dedication, growth, and excellence.

CEO Will Bartholomew, COO Dan Murphy, Vice President of Operations Cole Arranaga, Field Support Consultants Nick Trolian and Chad Barribeau, and Director of Pre-Sales Jake Van Der Stad presided over the awards ceremony, acknowledging the remarkable contributions of franchisees and team members who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to the D1 Training brand.

D1 training team
Character Awards

**Passion for our work - Val Vista**
Val Vista was honored for demonstrating passion in everything they do, from high-energy support calls to providing a world-class experience for their athletes.

**Be a team player - Spring Hill**
Spring Hill was recognized for consistently going above and beyond for other franchisees and the home office, always exceeding expectations.

**Find a way, Make a smart play - Lakewood Ranch**
Lakewood Ranch turned a challenging situation around by getting back to basics, hiring a rockstar GM, and implementing processes that drive success in the D1 model.

**Have D1 Character - Downtown Orlando**
Downtown Orlando was celebrated for handling all situations with the utmost class and embodying the true meaning of having D1 Character.

Game Ball of the Year

**Recipient: Norwalk**
Norwalk received the prestigious Game Ball of the Year award for exhibiting exceptional performance, dedication, and growth over the past year.

Silver Medal Awards (750 Club)

  • Rogers
  • Waco
  • Deerfield Beach
  • Athens

These facilities reached a run rate of $750,000, earning them a place in the prestigious 750 Club.

All American Awards (7 Figure Club)

  • Shreveport
  • Dallas
  • Little Rock
  • Naples
  • West Nashville
  • Hardin Valley
  • Cool Springs

These outstanding facilities reached a run rate of $1,000,000 or more, earning them a place in the esteemed 7 Figure Club.

Five Star Awards

  • Highest Pre-sale autopay – Firewheel
  • Highest pre-sales total rev – SE Orlando
  • Highest average PT & team training under 1 year – Southlake
  • Highest average gross rev under 1 year – Alamo Ranch
  • Highest average recurring rev under 1 year – Alamo Ranch
  • Highest PT & team training rev – Hardin Valley
  • Highest average recurring rev – Cool Springs
  • Highest gross revenue – Cool Springs

These Five Star Awards recognized outstanding achievements in various categories, showcasing the diverse talents and successes within the D1 Training community.

National Champion Award

**Recipient: West Nashville**
West Nashville was honored with the prestigious National Champion Award, embodying the essence of D1 Training in character, community contribution, play execution, and reaching the 7 Figure Club. Owner Joe Stanford's role as a D1 validator further highlighted the facility's commitment to excellence.

Customer Service Award

**Recipient: Vernon Williams**
Vernon Williams was recognized for his outstanding customer service, providing excellent support to current owners and potential recruits during Recruiting Day dinners at Perry’s Steakhouse. His passion for his work and unwavering positivity make him a true beacon within the D1 community.

F.A.C Members

  • Austin Clark
  • Alex Nicholas
  • Michelle Benigni
  • Patrick and Amina Anderson

These members of the Franchise Advisory Council were acknowledged for their exceptional contributions to the D1 Training community.

D1 Validators

  • Joe Stanford
  • Steve Sinder
  • Devin Driscoll
  • John Rose
  • Kylie Fitts
  • Jim Baluch
  • Darin Morse
  • Gary Fisher
  • Austin Clark

These individuals played a crucial role in helping prospects make informed decisions by sharing their experiences and answering questions during weekly validation calls.

Training Panel

  • Jason Demelo
  • Preston Pearson
  • Sara Kettlekamp
  • Devin Driscoll
  • Marshall Everett

The Training Panel members were recognized for providing high-quality training programs, empowering D1 Coaches to deliver the best training and coaching to athletes.

The D1 Franchise Summit Awards Ceremony in Nashville was a testament to the dedication and achievements of the D1 Training community. Each recipient demonstrated the core values of D1 Training, contributing to the brand's continued success and growth.