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Training Tips Done Right with D1: Kneeling Landmine Press

Author: D1 Training

The kneeling landmine press is a fantastic core exercise that also helps with posture and balance – all of which are important for back health and overall performance.

The training team at D1 Atascocita takes us through the correct way to set yourself up and complete a set of kneeling landmine presses. Read through all steps and watch the video before attempting to complete this press.

Form is most important here. Not sure if you are performing correctly? Tighten up EVERYTHING:

  • Make sure your barbell is securely anchored on the rack
  • Place a cushion or mat beneath the knee you are kneeling on, and use your other leg, knee up, to steady yourself
  • You will be lifting with the same arm as the knee you are kneeling on
  • Choose your weight - the barbell without weights is 45 pounds
  • Tighten your core – squeeeeze – through the entire movement
  • Shoulders back, back straight, start with the barbell lifted/rested at shoulder height and lift straight up from there
  • Raise the bar straight up until your arm is just about fully extended, bring the bar straight back down to starting position, for one rep
  • Control the lift and control bringing the bar down
  • Alternate kneeling leg and lifting arm between sets

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