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D1 Training Developmental Program in Dallas

Athletic Training for Ages 12-14

Welcome to D1 Training Dallas! We are committed to providing comprehensive developmental services that help athletes of all ages and skill levels reach their full potential. Our Developmental Program is designed with a unique approach, focusing on skill enhancement, strength conditioning, and mental toughness.

Our Approach

At D1 Training Dallas, we believe in a holistic approach to athletic development. Our team of certified trainers develops personalized training regimens for each athlete that focus on improving their physical condition while also strengthening their mental resilience. All our programs are grounded in science and proven training methodologies.

The Developmental Program

The Developmental Program at D1 Training Dallas is designed to cater to athletes who are in the early stages of their sports career or those who are looking to improve their fundamental skills. The program focuses on developing agility, speed, strength, flexibility and endurance through various exercises and drills.


Our athletic development program focuses on physical traits that are key to success in any sport. Here are some of the skills we train your young athlete in:


  • Improve agility and directional agility
  • Intermediate plyometric training techniques
  • Enhanced linear acceleration and maximum velocity progression


  • Expansion of functional movement repertoire
  • Increase the student’s capacity to generate force
  • Advanced lifting techniques and strength progressions


  • Focused on injury prevention through specialized training
  • Refinement of coordination, rhythm, and equilibrium
  • Elevated conditioning capacity and endurance levels

Why Choose D1 Training Dallas?

D1 Training Dallas is committed to maximizing human performance through holistic body training. Our seasoned coaches lead age-appropriate programs, ensuring no aspect is left to chance. At D1, every session adheres to a meticulously crafted 8-week training cycle, rooted in sports science and precision planning.

Contact Us Today! Contact us today for more information about our Developmental Program or book a consultation to discuss how we can help you or your child become a better athlete. Let D1 Training Dallas be your partner in reaching athletic greatness!

Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I choose D1 Training Dallas for my child's athletic development?

Choosing D1 Training Dallas for your child's athletic development means opting for a program that maximizes human performance through holistic body training. Our seasoned coaches lead age-appropriate programs, ensuring that every aspect of training is meticulously planned and executed. Each session follows an 8-week training cycle rooted in sports science, providing a structured and effective approach to athletic development.

What specific skills are targeted in the Developmental Program at D1 Training Dallas?

The Developmental Program at D1 Training Dallas targets a range of essential athletic skills. These include improving agility and directional agility, enhancing linear acceleration and maximum velocity, expanding functional movement repertoire, increasing the capacity to generate force, and refining coordination, rhythm, and equilibrium. Additionally, the program focuses on injury prevention and elevating conditioning capacity and endurance levels.

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “D1 training in Dallas is the best gym I have been a part of. Every coach wants me to succeed and become better. The workouts are hard but they are fun! There are different classes for everyone and challenging no matter if you're a beginner or a conditioned athlete. I am about to hit my 100th class at D1 and I can truly say that I cannot see myself ever being a member at ...” - Asheley Bonner