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D1 Adult Training Program

No Gimmicks, No Fads. Just Results.

Searching for adult training programs that work to train the entire body to boost performance? You’re at the right place. We’re much more than a gym, we’re a team – and our D1 Adult program continues to offer quality training that drives comprehensive results that all adult athletes benefit from.

Holding true to the scientifically proven methods that get results, in which all the D1 Training Hardin Valley programs are centered around, this workout approaches training holistically ensuring the entire body is trained throughout the program. It takes the best part of bootcamp style classes, which are traditionally high-energy and weaves strength training throughout to help adults of all ages achieve maximum results.

Our adult training program includes:

  • Full-Body Athletic Workouts
  • Maximum Fat Burning Methods (up to 1000 calories)
  • Building of Functional Muscle Strength
  • Mobility, Flexibility, and Recovery Focused Exercises
  • Energizing Training Experiences

The benefits of strength building, fat loss, improved mobility and flexibility, plus increased energy levels all come together to support your lifestyle needs. Best of all, it’s delivered through an unmatched high-energy training experience from top industry coaches keeping you motivated and inspired to reach your goals.

Our D1 Training Programs

At D1 Training Hardin Valley, we offer a variety of adult programs to help you achieve a variety of goals – and so much more. Whether you’re looking to improve your endurance, strength, or overall performance, you can rely on our training programs to give you everything you need to take your game to the next level.

Our Adult training programs include:

  • D1 Overtime: This semi-private training program will help you target a specific goal and is great for athletes looking to excel in their sport. We’ll help you enhance your strengths and improve areas of development.
  • D1-on-1: This personalized training will pair you with one of our expert coaches for a customized workout that will target your goals and provide careful direction to ensure you maximize your efforts.
  • Family Training: We offer training designed to provide a robust workout for every member of the family. Our family training is an opportunity to enjoy quality time while pursuing a healthier lifestyle together.
  • D1toU: Personalized nutrition and accountability coaching from your D1 Coach. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyplace.

Whether you’re looking for a training facility to train at weekly or need some training help while on the go, D1 Training Hardin Valley offers a variety of programs and training classes that can fit your lifestyle and specific goals. Our team is dedicated to helping athletes of all types get inspired and motivated to train just like D1 athletes.

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What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “To my D1 family. First, thank you all for taking care of me when I was rushed to the hospital, everyone from the physical therapists to staff. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Second, thank you Devin, and every one else who has helped me achieve my goals. Thank you all for transforming me and and helping me believe in myself. I love you with all my heart.” - Cameron M.
  • “I really love having a personal trainer here. If something hurts midway or doesn't feel right, they'll address it and make sure not to aggravate it more. Really have enjoyed it here. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to better themselves on the field or anyone with personal goals in mind.” - Enrique O.
  • “Big shout out to Tyler and all the guys at D1 bootcamps. I signed up for 10 sessions and ended number 8 today. The first day I thought I was going to die from muscle soreness but I'm finally starting to feel the gains and am super pumped about doing the monthly membership so i can do the bootcamps everyday. Tyler has been a great coach and keeps everyone motivated and ...” - David D.