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Athens Hybrid Personal Coaching

In-Person accountability with customized fitness or sports based training

In today’s busy, modern world, it can be difficult to find the time to hit the athletic center in pursuit of your athletic goals. At D1 Training Athens, we don’t think a loaded calendar should stop you, though. That’s why our fitness coaches have devised a customized and revolutionary hybrid personal coaching and training program.

By combining convenient online and remote resources with the one-of-a-kind in-person coaching you can only receive at D1 Training, we can help you stay on track without missing a beat in your personal life. You’ll be thrilled to see just how simple it is to keep your fitness goals in sight while also balancing your itinerary.

Key features of our hybrid personal coaching program include:

  • In-person consultations every other week with your Coach
  • Daily telecommunications with your coach
  • Individualized Nutrition Guide
  • Customized Training Plan

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How Does Hybrid Personal Training Work?

Our hybrid personal training program from D1 Training Athens is designed to make it easy for you to follow a workout and training schedule largely on your own terms. Holding yourself accountable is not only simplified with our program, it can actually be fun! With our guidance and encouragement paired with your focus, you can reach your fitness goals, whether you want to get stronger, slimmer, or be a better athlete.

Your hybrid personal training program will include:

  • In-person Consultation: Once every two weeks, you will meet your coach and evaluate your progress. This lighter schedule allows you to easily balance other parts of your life without losing site of your fitness progress.
  • Daily telecommunications: You will receive remote messages from your coach each day to check progress, share successes, and generally keep you on track. We’re in this together!
  • Individualized Nutrition Guide: Of course, you don’t have to become an expert chef overnight. Eating right is a huge part of achieving new fitness heights. Part of your Hybrid Training package will be to devise a personal nutrition guide with your Coach so that it seamlessly translates to your goals and allows you to easily compile a necessary grocery list each week so you know how to prepare your meals correctly.
  • Workout programming: Your coach will create a custom training plan designed to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. This program will allow you to continually move forward towards your desired results.

The underlying and critical feature of all these aspects of our hybrid personal coaching and training program is its customization. Everything is personally tailored to your goals, skills, and athletic interests. Plus, it is all backed by D1’s core 5-Star program that was created using tried-and-true sports sciences!

Achieve greatness while maintaining convenience today. Call D1 Training Athens at (706) 690-4162!

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “There are a lot of heart issues in our family and I’m prone to that. I want to live a long life and live it, not just show up. I only needed one workout to know that D1 is where I wanted to be.” - Scott Holiday
  • “The great thing about D1 is that there are different exercises every day, working a different part of my body. I don’t get bored. Even though I’m not an outstanding athlete, I feel like an athlete when I am here. Both my sons are into sports, my husband utilizes the personal training, so we all love coming here. It has made such a difference for us.” - Amy Long
  • “What motivates me to work out is my drive for a volleyball scholarship. When I came to D1, I learned the right way to lift weights, got more muscle and began to develop an athlete’s body. D1 is serious about their athletes. They help you and work with you so that you train the right way.” - Alessandra Kennedy