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The Injured Athlete’s Podcast: The Gift of Perseverance

Author: Will Bartholomew

Will Bartholomew

“I don’t love injuries, but they teach you a lot about who you are and what you can overcome.”

  • Will Bartholomew

Sports injuries happen. Dealing with them mentally is as taxing, if not more so, than dealing with the injury itself. The Injured Athlete’s Club podcast, hosted by Mental Skills Coach Carrie Jackson and Journalist, Cindy Kuzma, talks to athletes and their families about overcoming the obstacles that come with a sports injury.

In this powerful episode, Will Bartholomew, CEO and founder of D1 Training, talks about his own injury and how what came next changed the trajectory of his life.

“It’s the first time in your life, and it has happened several times in my life, where you are dealt something that takes away your identity.”

Bartholomew, now a parent of high school and college athletes, offers useful advice to parents of injured athletes as well. He talks about the importance of focusing on the right things and surrounding yourself with the right people.

D1 Training is a fitness franchise concept ideal for scholastic athletes, those who are healthy, as well as those who are recovering from injury. D1 facilities are known for their world-class coaching team and training with the D1 Difference. D1 Training is the Place for the Athlete® no matter what level they are at or what goals they want to reach. Listen to learn more.