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Training Tips Done Right with D1: Back Squat

The Back Squat is an excellent exercise to work both the lower and upper body. In addition to leg muscles, squats in general work the core abdominals and back muscles. The Back Squat adds a workout for the shoulders, arms, back, and chest.

The training team at D1 Malvern offers great training tips on the correct way to do a Back Squat. Read through all steps and watch the video before attempting to complete the Back Squat.

Safety checks: Make sure there are clips on the barbell at the end of the weights, and that there is evenly distributed weight on each end.

Hand positioning: Slightly wider than shoulder length apart.

Set up: Step forward and duck your head underneath the barbell. Rest the bar across your traps/shoulders. Be sure and use your elbows to squeeze in your core and pinch your lats together, pulling the barbell down into your back.

Stand up, lifting the bar off the rack. Take two steps backward away from the rack. Chest remains tall. Elbows are down and locked in.

The Movement:

  • Hinge at the hip
  • Bend at the knees
  • Chest up nice and tall
  • Keep both feet firmly planted on the ground
  • Heels are down
  • Stand right back up

Breath: Don’t forget proper breathing technique. Take a big breath in from the standing position, hold that air while you squat down, exhale as you stand back up.

Training safely, efficiently, and for maximum desired results are all part of the D1 Difference. D1 Training is The Place for the Athlete®, ideal for anyone at any level who has a fitness goal. D1 facilities are known for their world-class coaching team, training tips, and 5 Star Training Program.