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Training Tips Done Right with D1: Banded Lateral Walk

Author: D1 Training

Banded Lateral Walks may look like a stroll through the park, but they pack a punch. That’s good news for people who want to improve hip and knee stability, improve balance, work those outer thighs, build stronger glutes, burn calories, and more.

The training team at D1 Training Fairport shows us that proper form is EVERYTHING with this exercise. Read through all steps and watch the video before attempting to complete the banded lateral walk.

This is a standing exercise with band (color depends on intensity level) placed above the knees:

  • Squat to stay low
  • Engage core
  • Take small, lateral steps, lifting your feet completely off the ground
  • Push knees outward as you step
  • Do NOT: Drag your feet
  • Do NOT: Let your knees cave in
  • Do NOT relax your core

Training safely, efficiently, and for maximum desired results are all part of the D1 Difference. D1 Training is The Place for the Athlete®, ideal for anyone at any level who has a fitness goal. D1 facilities are known for their world-class coaching team, training tips, and 5 Star Training Program.