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Training Tips Done Right with D1: Sled Push

Who is ready to intensify their workout? The sled push exercise does it all. It helps build power, speed, endurance, and it works the upper and lower muscles in the body, with an emphasis on LEGS (don’t skip leg day if you want to be able to pull these off! Or push…as is the case).

Coach Dave at D1 Willowbrook Mall shows us the highs and lows of this exercise. Read through all steps and watch the video before attempting to complete the sled push.


  • Grab the bars of the sled LOW, halfway down the bar as is comfortable. The key is to lower your center of gravity as much as possible.
  • Engage core.
  • When pushing the sled, drive through your LEGS. The lower you are, the easier it is to push.


  • Again, grab the bars LOW, halfway down the bar as is comfortable to lower your center of gravity.
  • Engage core.
  • Sink your butt back into a seated position.
  • When pulling the sled, again drive through your LEGS to push through the exercise.

Beginners should try pushing the sled without added weights, then add weight as you are able.

Training safely, efficiently, and for maximum desired results are all part of the D1 Difference. D1 Training is The Place for the Athlete®, ideal for anyone at any level who has a fitness goal. D1 facilities are known for their world-class coaching team, training tips, and 5 Star Training Program.