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The Everyday Warrior Podcast Featured in Men’s Journal: Culture Over Everything at D1 Training

Will Bartholomew

In the March 2024 edition of Men’s Journal, you’ll find The Everyday Warrior podcast featuring Will Bartholomew, Founder and CEO of D1 Training. This is an informed, focused interview led by host and former Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille, where the two talk about the D1 Training business playbook. Listen and learn about Bartholomew’s take on leadership, the steps it takes to get where you want to go, and “culture, culture, culture.”

“Culture over everything,” is a philosophy taken seriously at D1 Training. You feel it on the turf and in the weightroom, as well as in the boardroom. Bartholomew says the culture in which we work is at the heart of all that D1 is.

“Really having that defined, and then beating that drum constantly,” he said. “It’s amazing how culture can break through a belief system people walk in with, and not just with hitting their goals and accomplishments, but [it can] change the way they are, change who they are.”

At D1 Training, Bartholomew leads by example. “I try to be the leader I wish I had.” He elaborates on the importance of being a lifelong learner, and that for some people who are already successful, it might be hard to admit what they don’t know.

“When you get further in life, you have to humble yourself and go back and learn the skill,” he said. “I pride myself every year on trying to learn skills that I haven’t mastered. Whether it’s marketing, sales, operations, or whatever, you have to get in there and do the work. You can’t just read about it.”

D1 Training is an elite training facility and fitness franchise concept that lives up to its reputation of high energy and excellence. There’s a collaborative vibe, a palpable, metaphorical heartbeat at each location that brings people together.

Franchise ownership in the fitness industry has never been more accessible. D1 Training presents a strategically designed 4000 square foot footprint and impressive backend tech and operational support. With more than 100 franchise units awarded, and more in the process of opening, D1 Training is an inspired fitness franchise opportunity for financially qualified candidates who are ready for their next play. Listen to learn more.