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Turn Your March Madness Bracket into a Workout for the Entire Family, and More!

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It’s one of the buzziest times of the year in NCAA sports. March Madness. A time in early spring where every basketball fan, maybe even every sports fan, tries to get in on the action by filling out their bracket to see which NCAA basketball team will win the championship. For some, it’s the first time they’ve heard of phrases like Sweet Sixteen or the Final Four. March Madness festivities provide an excellent backdrop for activities for the whole family, maybe even for the ones who don’t like sports (what?!).

There is something about a March Madness bracket that brings out creativity in all of us, whether we are creative or not. The lines of your bracket may be drawn perfectly and color-coded, or maybe noted in your phone. We’ve seen giant brackets adorn the walls of school gymnasiums, painted out on restaurant windows, and highlighted on every sports show broadcast or streamed program.

What happens, however, once the bracket has been filled in? Obviously, WE WATCH BASKETBALL. What other family activities can keep your fam in the spirit of the season?

Check out these ideas that may help March Madness be the gift that keeps on giving for you and your family, right up to the final buzzer.

  1. Get physical: Have each family member choose an exercise to write beneath each team on the bracket. Choose for everyone to “get to” do the designated exercise when a team wins! Think of the workout you’ll have completed as a family by the end of the tournament!
  2. Shoot hoops: For those with access to a basketball court (or hoop in your driveway!), play a game of H-O-R-S-E but instead of spelling out HORSE, spell out the team’s name or mascot. For those without a basketball court, make an indoor hoop like this one.
  3. Score some moves: Decide on an exercise to do for each point scored by the winning team. For example, do one jumping jack for every point scored! Not up for exercising during the game, do them the next day.

Not all March Madness activities need to work up a sweat. This is a great time to remind your family about the importance of a healthier diet to fuel all that activity! Here are some fun, healthier meal ideas to get everyone in the family involved in their own nutrition.

  1. Make a “bracket” of healthy, family friendly dinner recipes. Make a few of them for dinner over the course of the tournament and have the family vote on which meal was their favorite. Let your family decide which is the “national champion” worthy dinner!
  2. Have everyone make their own bracket and vote on the meals themselves. Compare brackets at the end to see everyone’s favorite recipe. This is a great way for family members to be honest about their tastes and preferences.

Not sure what kinds of recipes to include? Here are five healthier family favorite options:

March Madness is in full swing. It is a time of year that provides families an opportunity to celebrate all the things we love about sports. The wins, and the losses. Amazing drama on the court. Genuine Cinderella stories. Features on our favorite athletes.

The NCAA Championship Tournament showcases real life examples of sportsmanship, hard work, athleticism, and community.

These are things we understand well at D1 Training. In fact, when the stress of a buzzer -beater gets to you, take a break from the screens and head over to D1 Training where you can workout together as a family!

Here’s to wishing you and yours an awesome March Madness Tournament!