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Youth Fitness Training in Loveland

Kids & Teens Sports Performance Training Facility

Brighten the future of your student-athlete through D1 Training Cincy North and our unique scholastic fitness training program. Through holistic training that focuses on self-determination as much as athletic gains, your child or teenager can gain both sports ability and confidence. It is the perfect combination of engaging activities to build your child’s character, body, and mind.

We have a number of scholastic fitness training programs catered to boys and girls aged 7 and older:

  • Rookie: For children aged 7 to 11, this program teaches the basics of exercise, which builds their coordination, athleticism, and focus.
  • Developmental: For teens aged 12 to 14, this program introduces the concepts of weight-training and advanced athletic movements. Supervision and direction are constant to create a safe athletic training environment.
  • Prep: For teens aged 15 to 18, this program further develops power, speed, strength, coordination, and focus. We have purposely built this curriculum to feel much like a Division 1 collegiate program.
  • Overtime: For student-athletes of all ages who have detailed workout goals – such as a high school student who wants to secure a football scholarship later on – this program includes semi-private coaching and training to keep them pointed in the right direction.

Training Today for Tomorrow

At D1 Training Cincy North, we know that the youth are the future. Why not give them a chance to be their very best and bring about the very best by uplifting and encouraging them today? With our scholastic fitness training programs, your child or teen can gain self-confidence, discover what drives them, and lay the foundations needed to achieve their dreams, whatever they might be. And, it’s all possible through focused athletic training in the right gym , supported by experienced, compassionate coaches and personal trainers.

Discover the D1 Training Cincy North difference today and join the thousands of others who train with us in Loveland.

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “We learned of D1 through a friend. He had a son that earned a college scholarship playing football. My husband and I wanted to get our son some developmental training before his first year playing 8th grade tackle football. We are so happy with our decision to train him at D1. Coach Nick is amazing! He gives the right amount of support and motivation to really get my son ...” - Felitia Smith-Taylor
  • “D1 has become my favorite place to workout! Small class sizes mean a personalized experience in a safe, clean setting. Trainers will always push you to work to your fullest capability and offer modifications as needed. The community holds you accountable and will keep you coming back week after week.” - Lauren Magness