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  • As a senior in my late 60s I was looking for a program that would legitimately enhance my overall fitness in a safe and gradual way. I’m a retired occupational therapist and military officer who comes from a family where my father frequented the gym well into his 90s to stay active. Luckily I found Division One (D1) training. Within three months of starting the D1 training program I’ve gained real muscle mass and flexibility and also lost a few unwanted pounds. I’ve noticed that it has also greatly improved my endurance so that I can more easily push my lawnmower without getting out of breath and safely lift heavier objects. Now I can even maintain kneeling for long periods while working in my garden. On a recent 8 hour day of driving I found that my sciatica didn’t act up like it always used to. My agility and balance for playing pickle ball and doing daily tai chi and swimming has also significantly improved in a very short time. I really like that it promotes body symmetry for strength and mobility unlike sports such as pickle ball and tennis alone which I found to cause me shoulder overuse injuries. Mentally I feel younger and happier. The D1 staff are always super supportive and they readily modify the program according to my abilities that day so that I progress but don’t over train. Typically resistance activities are limited to 70 percent of my max ability and I’ve been well supervised and taught the proper form for all exercises which has truly prevented me from getting any injury. Another real plus for me is that the D1 training center does not have loud blaring music playing like in other places I have been. The instruction has been excellent for every session and the groups are very small and many times one-on-one. At the end of each session I leave a bit tired but feeling refreshed, standing taller, and no pain. This program has been a true blessing to me and my mental health. I highly recommend it as a healthy senior and health professional.

    Chuck B
  • “Summer with D1 changed my 13 year old from a game and TV focused couch potato to a dead lift lover, sprinting professional and plank champion. Most importantly, he loves pushing his physical abilities to the limit. The staff is completely top notch with a wide range of specialties. Thanks Kristen and everyone at D1 East Cooper!”
    David Carrier, Harrison’s Dad
  • “I am a regular member of D1 in Fairport , NY and while on vacation I used the East Cooper Facility outside of Charleston, SC. Kristen was incredibly welcoming and the coaches were amazing. They were great at demonstrating the exercises and pushing each of us to keep going/do more. After completing the 60min session I felt exhausted and great at he same time. If I lived in Charleston I would immediately join this gym. D1 in Fairport, NY and East Cooper, SC are so worth the investment IN YOURSELF as they will help you get healthier.”
    Mark Loeser
    Rochester, NY