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Scholastic Training in Gilbert, AZ

Elite Athletic Training for All Ages & Levels

At D1 Training Gilbert, we provide athletic training services specifically tailored to youth. If you want to sign your kid up for a workout program led by top-of-the-line personal trainers, you’ve come to the right place! We prioritize much more than getting in shape. Our Gilbert personal trainers instill lifelong character traits to make a positive impact that lasts.

We prepare young individuals to overcome obstacles and setbacks by fostering physical and mental growth. Our goal is to develop well-rounded athletes who understand the value of sportsmanship, accountability, and personal integrity.

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That is why we emphasize:

  • Resilience
  • Discipline
  • Diligence
  • Dedication
  • And much more!

Our 5-Star training programs are second to none. We’ve spent years consulting with an elite panel of athletic specialists, scientists, and doctors to create strength and conditioning programs that optimize growth. With workouts that adhere to the same strength & conditioning fundamentals established by Division 1 collegiate programs, we take pride in offering training regiments backed by proven results and vetted by scientific studies.

We offer four scholastic training programs for four distinct age groups:

  • Our Rookie Program is designed for ages 7-11. It highlights agility, coordination, and athletic fundamentals.
  • Our Developmental Program is tailored to preteens and young teens ages 12 to 14. This program works on key athletic disciplines, such as speed, strength training, and conditioning.
  • Our Prep Program is modeled directly after collegiate Division 1 training programs and caters to teenagers between 15 and 18 years old.
  • Our Overtime Program is for star student-athletes seeking to improve at a specific position. Our personal trainers are ready to help your child reap the many benefits of one-on-one coaching and personalized workouts today!

Nutritional Guidance & The Power of Positivity

Our trainers endorse healthy lifestyle choices to ensure you are ready for long-term success. There are few decisions more detrimental to athletic growth than eating junk food and making poor dietary choices. That is why we promote the benefits of nutrition as a critical supplement to physical fitness.

Eating healthy foods will nourish and replenish your body – maximizing health and longevity. We highly encourage eating healthily without overstepping boundaries. Respecting your dietary preferences and your right to choose what is best for yourself is our top priority.

We view every workout as an opportunity to evolve and grow – challenging you in a manner that maximizes progress. Our personal trainers are eager to cheer you on with zero negativity. We will adapt to your shifting needs to help prevent fatigue, injuries, and stagnation.

Our goal is to celebrate your success with constructive feedback and endless motivation. We will be by your side boosting your self-esteem and confidence – one victory at a time.

Call (480) 300-3825 or contact us online to schedule a trial youth sports training near you today!

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “D1 is just what my 14 year old som needed. It’s an intense hour that pushes him in every way he wanted. We are seeing great results and the staff is so welcoming. We are both loving the experience! And it’s so affordable compared to other training clubs.” - Alesha Henderson
  • “Great place to workout, owners are super friendly. Helps push me to build muscles and gain more strength. First class is free. Why not try it out!” - Kendy Sauve
  • “I've been at D1 Gilbert since the day they opened. I love everyone there. The coaches are awesome and really care about you, your goals, and making sure your form is correct. I've gained some great friendships there with everyone. It's a fun place to work out!” - Stacy Amador