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Get Your Pickle Ball Game Strong with Resistance Training

Author: Coach Nick Book

If you have recently started playing Pickle Ball or have been doing it for a while, then you might have noticed that the game requires an immense amount of strength, speed, endurance, and coordination. In such a scenario, relying solely on cardio workouts won’t be enough. To unleash the true potential of your game, you need to incorporate resistance training into your exercise regimen.

If you are still not convinced, then in this blog, we will give you enough reasons to opt for resistance training and make your Pickle Ball game stronger than ever before.

Increases strength and power

Strong muscles are vital for Pickle Ball players, and resistance training will help build that strength. As you perform resistance training, you apply force against an object, and over time, the muscles become stronger. The stronger the muscles, the more power you can apply to your shots. For instance, to have a strong serve, you need to have a strong back and shoulder muscles. Likewise, a strong forearm is required for a powerful forehand. Hence, resistance training is the key to unlock your full potential.

Enhances stability and balance

Pickles Ball is a game of agility and quick movement. If you don't maintain your balance, you will end up missing the shots or even injuring yourself. Resistance training focuses on working each muscle group in the body, including stabilizer muscles that maintain balance and stability. The resistance training exercises you perform will help support the stability and balance of your body, allow you to move and react more quickly, and thereby improve your overall performance.

Prevents injuries

Injuries are common in any sports, and Pickle Ball is no different. The faster you move, the more likely you are to get injured. Resistance training helps prepare your body better for the stresses of Pickle Ball. Strong supporting muscles and the underlying joints, tendons, and ligaments could better handle the demands placed on them during the game, and minimize the risks of getting injured.

Boosts endurance

Endurance is another critical factor that determines your Pickle Ball performance. Picking up balls, running towards the net, and hitting the ball are just some of the activities that need a great deal of endurance. Resistance training improves muscle endurance, which means that you could sustain the physical effort without getting fatigued quickly. That way, you will be able to play Pickle Ball for longer and better.

Promotes weight management

Carrying excess weight can impact your game. Resistance training is an excellent way to maintain a healthy weight. The higher the muscle mass in your body, the higher will be the metabolic rate, which means that you will burn calories faster. So, apart from the strength, balance, and endurance, resistance training could also promote weight management.

These are just some of the reasons why resistance training is crucial to any Pickle Ball player. Once you realize the benefits of resistance training and start incorporating it into your workout routine, you will see the results in no time. Better strength, agility, stability, and endurance are the paths towards becoming a top Pickle Ball player. Just remember, pickle juice is for drinking, and resistance training is for winning!