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  • “If you are looking to get in shape no matter what your current physique this is the place to go. Super friendly staff and trainers to motivate you to reach your goals. All types of training are available whether it’s weights, CrossFit, cardio, sport specific training etc. Can’t pass up on this place, you’ll fall in love with it after your first session.”
    Mike C
    St.Louis, MO
  • “When our gym shut down a group of us went around town trying out new places. We finally landed at D1. After that first workout I knew I found my new home. I wasn't alone and quickly my workout buddies jumped on board too. Every workout makes me sweat and challenges me. The coaches are awesome and so are the workouts!”
    Diana Penn
    St Louis,, MO
  • “I am one month into my D1 training. I primarily attend the strength classes, but I am planning on adding boot camp soon. I love how supportive the coaches are and love the family feel of each workout. The flexibility of the schedule helps me stay on track and get the workouts in regardless of my schedule. The workouts are challenging yet accessible for people of all fitness levels.”
    Dan Bredenkoetter
    Manchester, MO
  • “D1 is unlike any other gym you've been to. There's no monotony to the program and no confined spaces and machines because of the huge field. The coaches and the other people working out are always super positive and it'll keep you coming back. I do the Boot Camp and can feel the total body workout every time.”
    Dan Schoenekase
    St Louis, MO
  • “I am not a Division 1 athlete, but it sure is fun to train like one. Coach Q is truly one of the best and I can't speak highly enough about the community that is being created here. It's encouraging, it's warm, it's welcoming and there hasn't been a day that I have regretted coming at 6 a.m....Team Savage is really the best!!”
    Jami Dix
    St Louis, MO
  • “There is such a great atmosphere! The coaches take time to introduce themselves to any new athletes, and then take enough time to explain the movements before the workout. The work is constant enough to never feel rested, but with short enough breaks where you don't constantly want to throw up. A great workout, but not so punishing that you dread going for the pain. Seriously, get in here.”
    Josiah Durham
    St Louis, MO
  • “From the first time I stepped on the turf, I knew this experience would be different. There’s a community I’ve been missing - I’ve found it here at 6:00 am. I have found that I push myself harder when I have my “teammates” cheering for me. The coaches are professional, knowledgeable, fun, encouraging, but expect no less than 110%. I’m thriving here and it’s only my 8th day. My kids love it, too. We haven’t missed a day!”
    Sarah Johnson
    St Louis, MO
  • “Want to boost your 11 year old son's confidence? Send him to D1 to train with the most energetic, knowledgeable, and inspiring staff! Everyday he comes home feeling more and more confident about himself and his abilities. Thank you for making him feel like a beast!”
    Randi McSpadden
    St Louis, MO
  • “A D1 workout is a workout unlike any other. I joined with a little hesitation and have been beyond surprised. D1 preaches the D1 Difference and it’s legit. From the staff to the facilities; I’m so excited to workout each day. I love having a new workout waiting for me each day, and trainers who treat you like family. Everyone I’ve met has an interest in bettering me and it is truly a team effort. I’m seeing results faster than ever before and I’m so happy to be part of the D1 family!”
    Amanda Denny
    St Louis, MO
  • “Since the moment I stepped into D1, I have felt so welcomed!! The workouts are unlike any other. It feels so much more like a team effort than individual! Plus the coaches and instructors do a great job at keeping you motivated!! I can already feel the difference in my body after 4 weeks!!”
    Brooke Brothers
    St Louis, MO
  • “D1 provided me the workouts that I needed: fun atmosphere, group training classes, helpful and encouraging coaches, team training, and convenience of times and locations. I ran out of excuses! My initial goals were weight loss and to become "healthier" and "stronger." While I haven't exactly lost any pounds in the last month of training, I have noticed improved stamina throughout the workouts, decreasing recovery time, increasing flexibility, increased strength with higher weights, and improved mood overall. So far I love D1, and I highly recommend it to beginner through advanced athletes, kids and adults.”
    Dr. Lindsey Carrera
    St Louis, MO
  • “You're not in it alone anymore. D1 Training is not just about the workout, it's about teamwork. I love that I can work out one day with a bunch of people I know all with different skill levels, and the next day it can be a totally different group, all working towards a better self. I've been at another gym for the last few years and was really looking to have to hire a personal trainer to challenge myself, but at D1 I get more than that. I get a coach and a team to work out with every day. The workouts constantly change and are even adapted mid workout to accommodate for the group. Sometimes a little harder and sometimes a little less to keep our motivation going. Coach Q is always sure to throw on some extra weight on the prowler if he thinks I need it.”
    Andy Denny
    St Louis, MO
  • “Hands down the best gym Around! The group training is the way to go! Everyone is so friendly and helpful! I would recommend D1 to anyone on any skill level!! The trainers are beyond helpful and willing to help!”
    Abby Kern
    St Louis, MO
  • “I was looking for a gym that would motivate me and help further my fitness pursuits. The coaching and facility staff have been over the top friendly and informative. The equipment, facilities, and workouts are top-notch. I feel drained after every single workout, yet I want to come back for more the next day. If you are reading this review, trying to decide if this gym is for you, just do it. You will not regret your decision to sign up if your goal is to get in better shape or continue to stay in shape.”
    Bradley Sova
    St Louis, MO
  • “Energetic, fun, strength building environment. I always leave feeling like I have pushed myself and gained something more each time. The Coaches are great and are always able and willing to help improve my form and push me harder.”
    Zach Feldman
    St Louis, MO
  • “D1 has gotten me back to where I need to be. The trainers and classes have gotten me back to the level of fitness I want and need to be at. They are tough but reasonable and geared towards people who want a better general physical fitness and not just t-shirt muscles. I’m very happy with D1 STL West. D1 has gotten me back to where I need to be. The trainers and classes have gotten me back to the level of fitness I want and need to be at. They are tough but reasonable and geared towards people who want a better general physical fitness and not just t-shirt muscles. I’m very happy with D1 STL West.”
    Greg Shelton
    St Louis, MO
  • “I love D1, great environment, some great coaches.... it has a family feel, and it definitely keeps ya motivated! The bootcamp definitely works me out like I never have before, and I love that! The coaches are knowledgeable and great with giving modifications for your workout if there is something you are not capable of doing (due to injury). The people that are members there, are just as awesome. I did the free 1 week trial, and went every day of it, the signed up!”
    Jenna Rhodes
    St Louis, MO
  • “This place is incredible. You get a focused workout with a coach that pushes you the whole time. The coach is also watching your form and will correct you if needed while in a group setting; which I appreciate being a trainer previously. I enjoy the energy of the place, its high. You also don't ever feel out of place. Everyone there is so friendly. I have recommended this place to many of my friends and have taken many there for workouts. If you are looking for something fun and that you will stick to, this is the place. And one more plug, if you were an athlete in high school or college, this will bring you home. D1 Baby!”
    Jillian Tedesco
    St Louis, MO
  • Joining the D1 family was the best decision my son and I have made all year. We enjoyed working out at the same time. He'd be with his age-group doing age-appropriate training while I was working out and getting my sexy back. When my son started at D1, he struggled curling 5lb weights and now he's curling 15s and setting bigger goals… I've also lost weight and toned; I have more strength and endurance, and wore a bikini for the first time ever this summer…

    Treisa Gladney