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THE UNIT: Football Training


The purpose of the THE UNIT: Football Training is to help St. Louis athletes of all ages develop the necessary skills and fundamentals to compete in the sport of football. Our mission is to develop the athlete within each individual by focusing on sport performance, while placing a major emphasis on instilling/inspiring skills and traits that lead to future success in all aspects of life.

The Unit will provide individualized attention to our athletes in order to develop their skill to produce results through proven methods. Focus will be placed on position-specific training/fundamentals as well as power and speed development. This individualized approach caters to the needs of each of our athletes, ensuring the maximal growth in each training session.


Athletes in the The Unit work at their football skill year-round (In-season/Off-season). Our individualized approach is based on proven methods developed through NFL and Division 1 Collegiate experience/education.


Inside the D1 Training St. Louis West, Our blueprint for off season training is designed to keep collegiate and professional athletes at peak performance. Our NFL/Div. 1 experience and educational background provides the know-how of what it takes to be competitive and to continuously earn your spot. Our comprehensive and individualized approach through the off-season, allows athletes to continue to build strength and sharpen skills in order to report to camp at the top of their game.

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What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “Joining the D1 family was the best decision my son and I have made all year. We enjoyed working out at the same time. He'd be with his age-group doing age-appropriate training while I was working out and getting my sexy back. When my son started at D1, he struggled curling 5lb weights and now he's curling 15s and setting bigger goals… I've also lost weight and toned; I ...” - Treisa Gladney
  • “This place is incredible. You get a focused workout with a coach that pushes you the whole time. The coach is also watching your form and will correct you if needed while in a group setting; which I appreciate being a trainer previously. I enjoy the energy of the place, its high. You also don't ever feel out of place. Everyone there is so friendly. I have recommended this ...” - Jillian Tedesco
  • “I was looking for a gym that would motivate me and help further my fitness pursuits. The coaching and facility staff have been over the top friendly and informative. The equipment, facilities, and workouts are top-notch. I feel drained after every single workout, yet I want to come back for more the next day. If you are reading this review, trying to decide if this gym is ...” - Bradley Sova