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1220 Ben Sawyer Blvd
Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

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Training Facility in Mt. Pleasant

Every Body Needs Training – D1 of East Cooper is Here

Maybe you've tried a local Mt. Pleasant gym, or you're just getting started on a new fitness journey for the first time, or maybe you're looking to take your sports performance to the next level – or maybe you're somewhere in between.

No matter your fitness goal, D1 Training East Cooper is here to help you achieve your best performance and become your best self – whatever that means for you.

You Pick the Goal. We'll Help You Get There.

We're not just another gym. We're not a gimmick or fad either – we're a professional state-of-the-art training facility staffed by local fitness experts that can help you identify your goals, hit them, and exceed them through both one-on-one and group training sessions:

Scholastic Training

We provide several athletic programs to help your young superstar learn the fundamentals of training to up their game and build character along the way. Some youth training programs we offer include:

  • Rookie Training (Ages 7-11)
  • Developmental Training (Ages 12-14)
  • Prep Training (Ages 15-17)
  • Overtime Training (One-on-One Sports Training)

Adult Training

We believe in proven, professional, and positive training. Our D1 adult training programs couple results-oriented training programs with our expert coaches to help you become your best. We offer a number of adult training programs:

  • D1 Adult
  • D1 Overtime
  • D1-on-1

Pro Training

Whether you're a collegiate athlete looking to go pro or an elite athlete who has already gotten there and trying to take things to the next level, our experienced coaching can help you. Countless NFL picks, professional athletes, and collegiate athletes have used our training programs to train their whole bodies for peak performance.

Online Coaching

And if you're dreading the drive already or just don't have the time to meet with us in person, D1 is also proud to provide online coaching sessions, helping you stay motivated and have continued access to one of our D1 trainers.

Expert Workouts That Gain Results by Design

Athletes designed our programs for athletes or anybody else looking to add some fitness into their week, using sports science and targeted workouts to achieve peak performance; that's why they work. And because we know that each person's needs are different, our programs are customizable to match what works for you and your personal goals.

Explore The D1 Difference – Try Us Today!

Our professional trainers will make sure that you feel comfortable with our equipment and answer any questions you have about our workouts. Whether you're looking to increase your performance on the field or court or just looking to add more fitness to your life, you're in the right place.


  • Specialized Facility Every D1 Training center offers customized equipment that’s not found in any other facility. We also offer on-site weight rooms, retail centers and more.
  • Sports Science Backing D1’s core 5-Star program is designed by a national training panel, where D1 then layers in skills-development training to create a well-rounded program.
  • Targeted Workouts Daily workouts designed around the concept of periodization means that each week builds on the previous one to achieve targeted, specific goals.

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “I am a regular member of D1 in Fairport , NY and while on vacation I used the East Cooper Facility outside of Charleston, SC. Kristen was incredibly welcoming and the coaches were amazing. They were great at demonstrating the exercises and pushing each of us to keep going/do more. After completing the 60min session I felt exhausted and great at he same time. If I lived in ...” - Mark Loeser
  • “Summer with D1 changed my 13 year old from a game and TV focused couch potato to a dead lift lover, sprinting professional and plank champion. Most importantly, he loves pushing his physical abilities to the limit. The staff is completely top notch with a wide range of specialties. Thanks Kristen and everyone at D1 East Cooper!” - David Carrier, Harrison’s Dad
  • “As a senior in my late 60s I was looking for a program that would legitimately enhance my overall fitness in a safe and gradual way. I’m a retired occupational therapist and military officer who comes from a family where my father frequented the gym well into his 90s to stay active. Luckily I found Division One (D1) training. Within three months of starting the D1 training ...” - Chuck B

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