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Youth Fitness Program in Cranberry Township

Fitness Training for Kids & Teens – Age 7-17

Giving your kid an early start to building their discipline and work ethic is essential to their success. Our trainers at D1 Training North Pittsburgh are experienced in helping kids establish the stepping stones they need to become successful. We own many gyms, including a sports training facility, which allows us to customize our workout plans for sports-specific goals. Training with us prepares kids starting at age seven to learn the basics of exercising and gain valuable proficiencies such as: strength, balance, agility and healthy living.

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4 Levels of Kids Fitness Classes

All four levels of our youth workout programs include constant supervision and direction for our young athletes. Our priority is to instill safe workout habits in our youth to prevent accidents and injury.

  • Rookie Training (ages 7-11) - Rookie Training, focuses on the foundations and body-weight training.
  • Developmental Training (ages 12-14) – In this class, we begin introducing age-appropriate, strength-building exercises.
  • Prep workout plan (ages 15-18) – Our trainers teach teens and student-athletes advanced exercises in agility, strength and conditioning.
  • Overtime program (ages vary) – Our overtime program is specifically designed to be a youth sports training program. Our Cranberry Township trainers can help level up your son or daughter for football, basketball, soccer and more.

Scholastic Fitness Training Creates a Foundation for Success

The earlier a child learns discipline and work ethic, the better they will perform in school and in later work—the same way they learn the basics of exercise to lift weights efficiently. Our Cranberry Township trainers are available, so your child learns the skills they need while remaining safe, from our Rookie Training all the way to preparing for college basketball.

If you’re ready to learn more about our Scholastic program, call (724) 262-5991 to speak with a trainer at D1 Training North Pittsburgh, or try us for free here.

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