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Sports Training Facility in Pittsburgh West

Are you not a fan of going to the gym? It can be a pain, finding a machine that’s not in use, wiping down someone’s sweaty, sticky residue, and feeling intimidated by those that seem advanced in their workout. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of not fully understanding the best workout cycle or maximizing your time getting active. To help bring a better workout experience for any age or agility level, D1 Training Pittsburgh West has changed things up.

Our D1 Training Programs are fit for all ages:

  • Rookie: Ages 7-11
  • Developmental: Ages 12-14
  • Prep: Ages 15-17
  • Boot Camp: Adult
  • Strength: Adult

Backed by the national standards of experts who’ve worked with more than 100 NFL Draft Picks and 1,000 professional athletes, we don’t use guess-and-check methods. We use sports science and personalized programs to meet people where they’re at and guide them towards achieving set goals. Whether you’re brand new to getting active or have your eye on going pro, we deliver results.

Workout Methods Meant for You

Our specialized facilities, age-appropriate programs, and periodized workouts with expert coaches offer guidance for:

  • Strength Building
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition & Accountability

Each program uses an 8-week cycle with workouts that are 54 minutes long. Our approach ensures a balanced and consistent workout that trains the full body every day. By targeting all your muscles in every session, you’ll see optimal results and burn more calories.

The scheduled training focuses on a cycle with:

Monday: Lower Body & Linear

Tuesday: Upper Body & Agility

Wednesday: Full Body & Competition

Thursday: Lower Body & Linear

Friday: Upper Body & Agility

Saturday: Full Body & Competition

With the latest findings in science and physiology, our certified professional coaches work with you to set goals one on one and track results. Every workout is adaptable and personalized for your specific goals and needs.

Ready to not only meet but blow right past your goals? Give us a call at (412) 775-3953 or reach out online to take advantage of our sports training facility in Pittsburgh West.Try Us For Free

  • Specialized Facility Every D1 Training center offers customized equipment that’s not found in any other facility. We also offer on-site weight rooms, retail centers and more.
  • Sports Science Backing D1’s core 5-Star program is designed by a national training panel, where D1 then layers in skills-development training to create a well-rounded program.
  • Targeted Workouts Daily workouts designed around the concept of periodization means that each week builds on the previous one to achieve targeted, specific goals.

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “I’m kind of envious of the kids today that have the opportunity to train at a place like this and see the kind of coaching –because it can make you quicker, stronger, faster and a better athlete.” - Peyton Manning
  • “D1 understands that its job is to make the athlete the best they can be. Not just physical, but emotionally and mentally. D1 pours into their athletes and each individual is going to get trained to their best and be better because of the coaches and environment they are in.” - Jason Witten
  • “If you’re looking for a place where you can come and get everything you need, the training, the nutrition, the rehab, the weight training, the skill training – D1 is the place for you. D1 is the place for the athlete to come and get better each and every day.” - LaDainian Tomlinson

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