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Physical Therapy

1. Physical Therapy:

Dr. Jeremy Hansen is a Sports Certified Specialist in the field of Physical Therapy with over 8 years of experience in rehabilitating a vast variety of clientele. His approach to physical therapy lies in identifying compensatory motor patterns then restoring fundamental movement. Often these compensatory strategies lead to tight and restricted movements creating pain and further compensation. Once these are identified and restored the focus will be directed at achieving the individuals specific goals no matter what that may be. This often includes working in collaboration with strength and conditioning specialists in efforts to return the client to optimal level of performance whether that be on the NFL field or in the workplace environment. Dr. Hansen has successfully implemented this approach with numerous populations. This includes but is not limited to professional, collegiate and high school athletes; the recreational athlete; Special Operation Forces; and the general population of all ages.

Dr. Hansen is a graduate of Arkansas State University where he maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout his Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program. He then went on to complete a 15 month Sports Residency program with ProRehab and The University of Evansville. The Sports Residency program introduced Jeremy to the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) which is the foundation of his approach to rehabilitation. Since completing the residency program Dr. Hansen has worked with a wide range of clientele. Some of the notable clientele include Super Bowl Champions, NFL Pro Bowlers & All Pro, MLB All Stars, World Series Champions, NBA veterans, and Special Operation military members from across the globe. He has also acted as the personal physical therapist to athletes in the NFL, MLB and NBA.

2. Foundational Class:

Most acute and chronic pain can be traced back to poor movement quality as a contributing factor. Also, getting the results you want can be limited by movement compensation. This Fundamental course is based around teaching key foundational body mechanics that will be heavily utilized throughout all of your performance training. The 3 main concepts that you will learn are proper positioning of your spine/trunk, hips and shoulders. Not only will proper mechanics be taught but having self awareness of proper body positions will be learned all leading to increased quality of movement. This will allow performance results to come easier while also training with less pain.

  • 4 One Hour Sessions
  • 1 Session Per Week
  • 4-10 Athletes

3. D1-on-1 with Our Sports Physical Therapist:

Wanting to train but are having pain and not sure what to do? This is the option for you. Our Physical Therapist who is a Sports Certified Specialist will be able to write up individualized training programs and take you through them one on one in order to make sure you are performing them safely and correctly. Often modifications need to be made in real time in order to not further injure yourself. This is challenging to do on your own or within a group setting.

Our goal is to see that you return to training pain free but often it takes individualized guidance to get there. Once the issues are resolved the goal is then transition to our Personal Trainers (D1-on-1) or our Class Workouts. You don’t have to let the chronic pain hold you back from your full potential!

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “I have been attending D1 for 4 years now. Throughout the many years, D1has always been consistent in providing a variety of workouts, exercises, motivators, community outreach activities and the best part - a family atmosphere! The coaches are all there for one reason and one reason only -- to help support the athletes. Each coach is knowledgable and eager to encourage ...” - Kelley Price
  • “Would highly recommend any young athlete to join this program. The coaches are very good with the kids and push them to their limits each class.” - Owen Wilson
  • “When I walked into D1 Bowling Green for the first time in 2012, I was scared to death. I weighed 360 lbs., and any sense that I had once been a college athlete was long gone. Things had gotten bad. I needed a strong push, solid encouragement, and trainers with the expertise to help me find me again. I found all that and more at D1. Today, I’m in the best shape of my life. ...” - Jeff Reynolds