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  • “My son has been asking for years to train in a facility like this and finally we have one. I am impressed with all of the staffs dedication to teaching kids the correct way to train. My son loves all of the coach’s and is inspired and motivated by each one to work hard.”
    Shannon Baughman
    Peachtree City, GA
  • “Things that I loved: The music and surround sound. The system is freaking awesome and the choice of music was on point. It had a good variety to please everyone, great beats to stay motivated, and was one of my favorite parts. From the time I was greeted at the door, Stephen was warm, welcoming, and very professional. He did a great job wrangling 6 talking women who were half listening to his instructions. He would make jokes, but was strict at the same time. A perfect mix to keep us having fun, but also keep us on track. The workout: Ok I have done so many different kinds of classes and circuits, you name it, and I REALLY liked the class format! I like the style of getting the work done on my time instead of: for example like Burn bootcamp where you do every station for like 90 seconds and you do as many exercises ad you can in 90 seconds. That is hella annoying and an easy way for people to just slack off because they want the 90 seconds to be over. Instead, it was more rep and set based so once you got your 4 sets done, you could move on in the allotted time. My heart rate stayed at a pretty good rate the whole time and was happy to see I burned over 450 cals according to my apple watch. Let’s go! Lol. Equipment: It is super helpful you have so many pieces of equipment so that people of all ages and levels can alter the workout to meet their needs. This was a huge win so today when people were doing step ups, I did weighted step ups, or a heavier band, or more plate for power cleans because they were accessible and always an option. That was great. Stephen was eager to alter any exercise to fit the needs of all clients. 2 ladies were well over 50 and had some limitations and altered the moves to still work that particular muscle group, but within their range of motion. Class size: It was fun because we had 6 ladies so we cheered each other on and were high fiving, and we did a huddle at the end and said Go D1 and it creates that team atmosphere that I am ALL ABOUT when it comes to the gym, and most people want that community, and that was all great components to creating that accountability and that community feel.”
    Peachtree City, GA
  • “'My son' had his first class tonight. I don't know the coaches name who worked with him but I wanted to say thank you for hiring him. The fact that he prayed with the boys before and after the workout made a difference and impressed us. Unfortunately kids don't get that leadership everywhere. So thank you again for having an amazing group of leaders here for the kids to learn from and look up to.”
    Peachtree City, GA