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Whether your goal is to lose some weight, take your sports game to the next level by improving your endurance, or to adopt a healthier fitness-focused lifestyle, the thing you may be missing is personal training. Although you may be motivated to get started with a fitness regimen like personal training, it is common give up after some time due to a lack of continued motivation, accountability, and self-esteem.

At D1 Training Scottsdale, our team of personal trainers are dedicated to giving you everything you need to achieve your fitness goals, including a custom workout plan developed by a personal trainer. Our gym facilities are state of the art, housing the workout equipment and team of personal trainers you need to achieve and exceed your fitness goals.

Think we’re just another gimmick or fad? Think again. D1 Training Scottsdale is different than any other gym you've visited. We’re not your average gym, we are so much more. We’re a training facility located in Scottsdale dedicated to helping your overall fitness capabilities reach new heights and make a difference in your life. With sports-science-backed fitness programs and workout plans designed to target specific parts of the body, you and your personal trainer will work together to find your best self.


Feel like you've reached a weight-loss plateau? Whether you’re struggling to stick to a workout schedule or are having trouble hitting your optimal fitness goals, the thing standing between you and success may be a personal trainer. Regardless of your age, athletic experience, or current fitness levels, we’re confident that you can benefit from the help of one of our Scottsdale personal trainers.


  • Expert Fitness Knowledge – Our personal trainers are trained and certified, meaning they offer the fitness knowledge, training, and assistance you could only get from them. Instead of trying to create your own workout plan, let a fitness expert handle it and create a plan to target your specific goals.

  • Accountability – Achieving your fitness goals on your own can be incredibly challenging. Not only is there a lack of companionship when you hit up the gym alone, but you also may be less likely challenge yourself and more likely to call it quits sooner than you should. Working with personal trainers provides you with the accountability you may have been missing.

  • Motivation – No one can provide the motivation and inspiration to exceed your athletic goals like a personal trainer can. Your personal trainer is always there to help you hit your training goals, so they’ll make it heard. As you’re rounding the last lap or finishing your final rep, your personal trainer will be right beside you cheering you on.

  • Better Exercise Results – With a workout plan fully personalized to hit your goals and target specific areas of your body, a personal trainer that is ready to keep you motivated and accountable, and expert athletic knowledge that gives you confidence in your workout, personal trainers allow people of all backgrounds see results they never expected to actually see.

  • Save Time and Money – Instead of signing up to an expensive gym membership or spending money on a new nutrition plan, turn to a personal trainer who has experience helping people just like you hit their fitness goals. This saves you time and money by using proven workout methods and techniques that promise results.

Of course, these are just a few of the ways you can benefit from our personal training programs in Scottsdale. Our team of personal trainers are fully trained, certified, and extremely knowledgeable in providing you the expert help you need to ensure you’re on the right track to achieve your fitness goals – plus, offering support along the way by cheering you on and answering any questions you have.


Whether you’re looking to encourage your whole family more active for a few hours a week or strengthen your performance on the field, a personal trainer can make all the difference. Especially a D1 personal trainer in Scottsdale!

Some of the reasons why D1 personal trainers are chosen over other personal trainers include:

  • Fitness Training Experience – D1 Training has worked with over 100+ NFL draft picks, 1,000+ professional athletes, and 3,000+ collegiate athletes, so you can say we don’t lack athletic experience in any way. Our team of personal trainers have experience helping athletes of all types and skill levels reach their full potential.

  • Science-Backed Fitness Programs – Our personal training programs are not just another gimmick or fad, they're based on science. At the heart of our workouts is our 5-Star D1 Training Program, designed to follow a progression of exercise activities that will help you get where you want to be.

  • Training Facility – D1 Training Scottsdale houses a state-of-the-art facility, offering the same equipment found in the gyms of most Division 1 Universities. With on-site exercise amenities, we offer everything you need to train your whole body every time you visit our gym.

  • Online Training Available – To make it easier than ever to get the athletic training you need, we offer online personal training to give you access to D1 training whenever – or wherever – you need it most. Online personal training is perfect for busy professionals who can’t seem to fit fitness into their day.

From our 5-Star Training Program to our Division 1 University workout equipment, there’s no wonder why people of all backgrounds are starting to turn to D1 Training Scottsdale to get help in training and capturing their goals.

Are you ready to see what the D1 difference is all about through our Scottsdale personal training courses? Give our team a call at (614) 996-6939 or contact us online to get started.

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “Thank you so much for the first free class it was perfect just what I was looking for, cardio based workout 🏋️‍♀️ with light weights and a motivated coach.” - Helene Pershinsky
  • “I recently stopped dancing but knew I wanted to stay in shape and continue working out. I took a class and immediately knew this was the gym for me. Amazing workout regiments and great coaching! I signed up for a membership and couldn't be happier.” - Gabby