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Therapy & Recovery in Gonzales

Maximize the Benefits of Your Workout

For athletes who train hard, the recovery can be just as important as the workout itself. At D1 Training Ascension, we’ve developed a program to help you reduce soreness, alleviate swelling, and increase range of motion. Treat your muscles right and keep them in peak condition with our recovery program designed for just for you.

HyperIce Technology

HyperIce technology incorporates “percussion therapy,” a modality commonly found in sports massage. This accelerates the warm-up and/or recovery process by stimulating the tissue and promoting circulation to the area, reducing stiffness and soreness.

Our recovery program utilizes the following HyperIce technology:

  • Vyper high-intensity vibrating foam rollers
  • HyperSphere vibrating massage balls
  • HyperVolt massage guns

NormaTec Sleeves

NormaTec uses compression therapy via air pressure to help with recovery. The sleeves compress the limbs to remove the fluids and metabolites that may adversely affect the body after strenuous exercise. Through the compression, blood flow increases, which enhances circulation to the area of the body being compressed. NormaTec technology has been found to increase both range of motion and flexibility.

Cool Packs

Long favored by athletes as part of the recovery process, cool packs reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in fatigued areas of the body.

PreCor StretchTrainer

Our PreCor StretchTrainer station aids with stretching techniques and flexibility, which is vital for exercise as well as relieving pain in other areas of the body due to deficiencies in range of motion.

InBody Scanner

Go beyond the scale with our new InBody Body Composition Analysis Technology. InBody is scientifically proven to be accurate within 95% to a hydro-static weighing test administered at a physician’s office and is much more cost efficient. It offers an accurate BMI reading as well as segmented lean mass analysis, Basal Metabolic Rate, Mass Control Recommendations and more! Whether you want to get a baseline test or track process after a series of workouts, InBody is safe and simple to use, accurate, and cost efficient. Call or stop by the facility today for more information on InBody and pricing.

Get more from your workouts with our therapy and recovery program at D1 Training Ascension.
Contact us today at (225) 416-5227 to find out more.

Bourgeois Physical Therapy

Bourgeois Physical Therapy offers hands-on, personalized physical therapy administered by Board Certified Physical Therapists and technicians. Whether you are looking for rehab after surgery, sport-specific rehab, or therapeutic exercises, Bourgeois Physical Therapy is the place for you.

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What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “Nice guys wish the best for these guys was privileged to do the flooring for these nice people much love” - Michael Reyes
  • “Great place!!! We love it here!!” - Connor Duplessis
  • “Today’s workout was a beast! The feeling of accomplishment achieved. I am so thankful thank D1 is in my life.” - Cindy DeLaune