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Athletic Training Gym in Boise

Benefit From Our Personal or Group Trainers in Boise

Whether you’re looking to get in shape, build some muscle, or go professional, you’ve come to the right place. We are D1 Training Boise, a non-traditional fitness training facility that is dedicated to helping you become your best self.

Is Getting a Personal Trainer Worth It?

Hiring our Boise personal trainers can be incredibly worthwhile for anyone looking to improve their fitness and overall health. We can provide guidance and support in many areas, including creating a personalized workout plan, teaching proper form and technique, and providing accountability and motivation. Our personal trainers can offer variety and challenging workouts, which can help prevent boredom and plateauing in progress. Call our Boise personal trainers today because we can provide a level of individualized attention and support that can make a significant difference in achieving fitness goals and improving overall health.

Looking for the best bootcamp near you? Give us a call at (208) 502-2822 or contact us online to get started With a Boise PErsonal Trainer today!

Boot Camp Workout Near You

You’ve come to the right place. At D1 Training Boise, our fitness boot camp will push you to your limits and help you reach exciting new heights. We are a results-driven athletic training facility that is more than just another gym.

From first-timers to fitness enthusiasts, our supportive environment offers the coaching, equipment, and motivation you need to push yourself further than you knew you could go. We’re not another trend or fad—we’re a results-driven movement backed by over 18 years of experience.

Speed and Agility Training

At D1 Training Boise, we provide training programs designed for improved athletic movement emphasizing power, speed, and strength. Our professional athletic training facility offers unparalleled coaching and expert training techniques to take your performance to the next level.

Whether you need youth speed and agility training or elite-level training, our team of experienced coaches will guide and support you every step of the way, helping you reach your athletic goals and beyond.

Our 5-Star Training Program is designed by a national training panel and backed by the latest sports science research, ensuring that every workout is both challenging and effective. Additionally, our facilities boast state-of-the-art equipment that can be customized to your needs, giving you the resources you need to succeed.

Improve your athletic performance today! Dial (208) 502-2822 or contact us online to enroll in our athletic training programs!

Reach New Heights Of Fitness

At D1 Training Boise, we define “athlete” as someone who is dedicated to their sport or fitness. Our Scholastic programs build character in kids ages 7 and up, while our Elite programs will prepare collegiate players for the next phase of their careers.

Fitness gym members working out with a medicine ball

Who Are Your Coaches?

Our facilities have trained over 100 NFL Draft Picks and over 1,000 professional athletes. When you’re here, you’re not just at another gym—you’re part of a team that works hard, competes harder, and enjoys every step of the way. Find out why Men’s Health named us a Top 30 Gym—try a workout or class today for free!

Training Tailored to You

At our gym in Boise, the athletes who train with us share a common bond of hard work, commitment, and accountability. We pride ourselves on being results-driven, while at the same time enjoying the training process.

Whether you're looking to achieve a specific goal or you simply want to get better, we're here to support you every step of the way.

We offer a variety of professional training options to fit your schedule and preferences, including:

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Our team of experienced trainers will work with you to design a workout plan that is tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Fitness gym and sports training facility with turf floor and exercise equipment

Contact us today and join the thousands of athletes who train with us in Boise. Try Us For Free

  • Specialized Facility Every D1 Training center offers customized equipment that’s not found in any other facility. We also offer on-site weight rooms, retail centers and more.
  • Sports Science Backing D1’s core 5-Star program is designed by a national training panel, where D1 then layers in skills-development training to create a well-rounded program.
  • Targeted Workouts Daily workouts designed around the concept of periodization means that each week builds on the previous one to achieve targeted, specific goals.

Online Athletic Training In Boise

The world may be changing, but being fit and staying healthy are still important. Whether you're looking to lose a few pounds, increase performance, or improve your sports skills our virtual training program is for you. At the start of your experience with our virtual training program, our expert athletic trainers in Boise will discuss your fitness goals with you. From there, they will develop a remote workout program directly designed around your goals and needs.

Our virtual training program, D1-to-U, is centered around you meeting your goals. Your expert fitness trainer in Boise will check in with you throughout the week, to ensure you're completing your workouts and following your regimen. Working out is a very important part of getting healthy, but nutrition is just as important. Our expert trainers can also help with nutrition guidance, by providing the resources to help support your nutrition goals. Start to lead a healthy lifestyle, without having to leave your home. Learn more about our online training program.

Fitness Gym in Boise

Trying to decide which gym in Boise to pick to fit your fitness needs? We recommend you take a closer look at our fitness offerings. Whether you're looking for professional sports training, strength training, weight loss training, or more, our gym has the options for you. Our expert trainers know how to help you meet your goals. The reason why we're different than your average gym, is our fitness programs are rooted in sports science so you're guaranteed the results that you'll both see and feel. Whether you're looking for extra motivation, fitness training education, or support D1 Training of Boise has the fitness options for you.

Learn More About Boise, ID

As a big city with plenty of outdoor activities, Boise has much to offer its residents and visitors. Boise's population is varied, as the city home to Boise State University and the 37,000-seat Albertsons Stadium, is a top choice for retirees due to its quiet neighborhoods and access to world-class healthcare and is a great place to raise a family. From restaurants and shopping in Downtown Boise to hiking Dry Creek Trail, there's no shortage of things to do in Boise. The city is the capital of Idaho and the state's most populous city. It also serves as the seat of Ada County. As of 2021, the population of Boise was 237,446 people.

If you are looking for a skilled personal or group trainer in Boise, look no further! Contact us today to get started on your fitness.

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “I’ve been lifting since I was 14, and this is by far the best gym I’ve been to. You’re part of the team and family when you’re here. Chaz and Doug training is hard in strength and Tyler and does beat it up in boot camps. All the other coaches absolutely kill it. Training one on one with Doug has helped me make great gains over 8 weeks and I know his attention to detail ...” - Josh C
  • “I love D1! I have been training for the adult league in football and feel like the trainers are super knowledgeable. They work with you and help you improve your skills tremendously! I would recommend D1 to anyone with any fitness goals.” - Loren Wilson
  • “We are 50 and 51 and have been going to D1 for almost a year and a half. We feel like we are in the best shape of our lives. We can’t imagine life without D1 training. We do the group classes 4 to 5 days a week and just love it. The workouts are always different, they’re always challenging. We love all the coaches and the atmosphere.” - Jeff and Dori Wick

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