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D1 Training Boise warmly welcomes anyone and everyone into our training facilities. Regardless of your athletic level, body type, age, or mobility. we're equipped and ready to motivate you to new levels of success in physical fitness. What is our definition of success? Good question! Success will mean different things for different people. Knowing that fitness is not a one-size-fits-all enterprise. We personalize all our fitness programs and workout schedules for each individual. With a personal trainer, you can rest assured that we put you on a path to success. Challenged within your unique limits in a way that optimizes consistent progress.

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Some trendy fitness centers try to cram every person into the same broken template. We represent a cutting-edge fitness brand. D1 Training has serviced the workout industry more than 18 years. We emphatically and confidently attest that our physical training approach. Backed by proven, scientific results. We implement the core 5-Star Training Program. Continually refined by an elite panel of athletic specialists and fitness experts. From all over the nation. We share the same fundamental tenets of Division 1 Strength & Conditioning Programs. We offer a tried-and-true fitness system with research and case-studies to back it up. Plus remarkable team bolstering the D1 community. It is no surprise we were recently chosen by Men’s Health as one of the Top 30 Gyms in the country.


The key to personal training is tailored programs that are entirely to you. Our personal trainers have the experience and expertise to figure out a workout plan. And schedule that maximizes your individual needs, including elite athlete training. More importantly, our trainers understand the complex dynamics of human psychology. When faced with the duress of physical strain and aerobic activity, the mind can panic and quit. To avoid these scenarios, our certified personal trainers are trained to know what to do. There are times when clients need to be motivated, inspired, and encouraged. Other times where the approach is to be sympathetic, attentive, and supportive. Whether you need to be challenged and pushed a little harder. Others, congratulated and understood. Our qualified team of personal trainers will dedicate. Their focus to satisfying your immediate physical and mental needs.

Other notable advantages of our Personal Training services include:

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Upbeat Atmosphere – Creating a buoyant and optimistic environment is a must at D1 Training Boise. Motivating personal trainers who specialize in the art of positive reinforcement. Our team of trainers and coaches use all sorts of stimulating accessories. Whistles and music systems create fun. Choreographed workout routines and get your energy soaring.

Versatility – We offer a dynamic array of fitness programs. Our personal trainers will intelligently and thoughtfully set up your weekly regimen. We emphasizes athletic periodization. We use a proven technique of incrementally adding new layers and nuances to cyclical fitness routines.

Access to Facilities – Modeled after D1 University Sports Programs. Our D1 Training facilities consist of on-site therapy centers. Also, multilayered turf fields, state-of-the-art strength and training rooms. Customizable workout equipment, and chill lounge spaces.

Character building – Sure, the physical benefits of feeling healthier. Slimming down, and unlocking new levels of stamina are awesome. But improving your confidence and self-love are even more important. We alter your self-perception. Hold you accountable at every step of the way. Our trainers will help your overall outlook vastly improve.

Expertise – D1 Training Boise offers much more than personal trainers. We have a professional network of scientists, nutritional experts. As well as professional athletes, and sports doctors. Our comprehensive resources and brilliant collective of minds are work to improve our approach. Physical training and athletic excellency and more.

Online Possibilities – Modern life can be hectic and busy. We also offer personal training programs and services online. This can be a game-changer for many. The ability flexibly to schedule fitness training appointments. More available in time and location can make staying in shape possible once again.

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What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “I’ve been lifting since I was 14, and this is by far the best gym I’ve been to. You’re part of the team and family when you’re here. Chaz and Doug training is hard in strength and Tyler and does beat it up in boot camps. All the other coaches absolutely kill it. Training one on one with Doug has helped me make great gains over 8 weeks and I know his attention to detail ...” - Josh C
  • “I love D1! I have been training for the adult league in football and feel like the trainers are super knowledgeable. They work with you and help you improve your skills tremendously! I would recommend D1 to anyone with any fitness goals.” - Loren Wilson
  • “We are 50 and 51 and have been going to D1 for almost a year and a half. We feel like we are in the best shape of our lives. We can’t imagine life without D1 training. We do the group classes 4 to 5 days a week and just love it. The workouts are always different, they’re always challenging. We love all the coaches and the atmosphere.” - Jeff and Dori Wick