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  • “D1 has been a huge part of my development both in the weight room and as a person. The impact it has made on me is like no other. The Coaches taught me to Be Humble, Strive for Excellence, Be the Best I can, Do Better Every Set/Rep/Workout at D1. I was going from a kid who wasn’t a gym rat, more of a rink rat, to now being both. I can’t thank D1 enough for what D1 has done for me and what it upholds still in the future.”
    JJ Wiebusch, Division I Hockey, Merrimack College
  • “I highly recommend D1 Madison West for any student athlete who is wanting to improve their speed, strength and confidence. I have noticed a huge difference in my strength, and speed. All the coaches are professional, kind and want to help you get stronger. They challenge you every week, keep you motivated and engaged. It has been a great experience and something I look forward to doing every week and can't imagine stopping!!!”
    Tyler Steele
    Middleton, WI
  • “I loved my time at D1, they helped me get stronger as well as improve my endurance doing unique workouts. Thank you D1 and the coaches for helping me prepare for what’s next in my career.”
    Zach Stecklein
  • “Since joining D1 Training Madison West, I have worked with athletes throughout the surrounding communities to become faster, stronger, and more explosive  than when they arrived to D1. Having the ability to coach athletes of all ages - youth, high school, adult, and even Collegiate athletes as they pursue the lifelong dream of playing at the next level has been a great experience!

    In addition, I have had the opportunity to lead & mentor interns within the D1 Training Madison West facility as they pursue a career within the profession of Strength & Conditioning/Sports Performance. It is exciting to be a part of a new business and growing the D1 mission here in Madison!

    If you want to discover what we have to offer here at D1 Training Madison West, I suggest you stop by for a visit and experience the D1fference!””
    Coach Taylor
    Madison, WI
  • “D1 has helped me get stronger and better prepared for my next opportunity. The staff is experienced with athletes like myself and has helped me see big changes in a short period of time. I can't wait to get to my new school and show case my skill at center and be in the best shape possible thanks to D1!”
    Kayden Lyles
    Madison, WI
  • “Thank you so much for offering these programs for our athletes.  Can't wait to get Stella back to D1 again when she gets home!”
    Laura H
  • “D1 started as a fun thing to do with friends after school but has turned into much more than that. The coaches at D1 make you feel welcome and appreciated. I increased my lean muscle and have started feeling much better about myself after working out at D1. I highly recommend D1 to anyone who has a passion for physical fitness, and who’s is looking for a great environment to work out in.”
    Middleton, WI
  • “Exactly what Madison needs! The energy, athleticism and commitment of the coaches creates a positive and encouraging environment for my son to have a structured workout while learning new skills. The emphasis on proper forms and a balanced approach truly sets D1 apart from everyone else in the area!”
    Maggie U.
    Madison, WI
  • “At D1 we had a bond the whole time, so when working out it was always motivating.  We always took the time to make sure everything was good form and reps.”
    Montez Wright, D1 Collegiate Track Athlete
  • “I am out training in Colorado right now for ski season.  Yesterday morning, I was able to make it down a 2.5 to 3 mile long run, 20 minutes nonstop with consistent solid turns without taking a break and my legs weren't tired at all!  It was all because of D1 Training.”
    Stella H
  • “Great customer service, always willing to work with you. Highly recommend…”
    Fuentes, WI
  • “My 15 year-old son never really found a sport that "stuck" that he liked to do all year. However, when he joined D1, he found a motivated group of coaches and peers that encouraged him to reach new goals and challenge himself in a way that he hadn't before. Suddenly, my teenage son was inspired to get up at 5 AM to join the "early crew" to lift weights and work out before he went to school. My son has noticed a positive change in his energy and mindset and my husband and I can tell the he feels good about himself with the inspiration provided by challenging work-outs and supportive coaches. The experience offered at D1 goes beyond the tangible strength and endurance training that traditional gyms offer. The positive environment and excellent role models have been an inspiration for my teen in many aspects of his daily life.”
    Krisitn Seaborg
    Madison, WI
  • “I'm a gymnast and a track athlete.  I came to D1 to get stronger for gymnastics and faster for track.  I really like the team energy!  It really pushes you to push each other to do more weight and get faster!”
    Violet, Prep Athlete 15-18 Years
  • “One thing I love about D1 is the amazing equipment and coaches that they have here.  I'm working at getting better at Speed & Strength for hockey!”
    Bre Sweeney, Developmental 12-14 Years
  • “I am a proud member of D1 and appreciate the attention and excellent coaching! They understand that "training professionally" means paying attention to proper form/alignment, keeping safety a number one priority while encouraging and guiding us to reach our personal best - while having a lot of fun! My husband was an All Star Athlete back in the day. He trained with all the schools he attended and was pushed to always train to be at his best. Unfortunately, at 48 years old, he has suffered three knee surgeries and wishes he had professional training where alignment and proper form was something that was a priority in his coaching. D1 provides this and we are so blessed to have this type of training here in Madison. Thank you, D1!!!!”
  • “I loved the D1 Madison West Speed Clinic! I learned a lot and got to meet the D1 team and other people! I’m most excited that I learned to run better and the correct athletic stance!”
    Greta, Developmental 12-14 yrs