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Baseball/ Softball

D1 Training Milton is offering a baseball and softball program with Coach Pete Berrios that will help refine skills and bring athletes' game to the next level.


  • Private Lessons
  • Small Group 2-4
  • Large Group
  • Hitters Club
  • Defensive Club
  • Camp/Clinics
  • PUREHITTING™ Certification
  • Open Workouts


  • Baseball and softball specific sequence
  • Balance, rhythm, timing
  • Building a routine
  • Learning the process of the swing
  • Dynamic movements and body control
  • Core strength Stability
  • Individualized hitting approach
  • Swing analysis
  • Identifying power source
  • Speed and strength training

Pro Touch Defense club

  • Skill set and development
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Baseball and softball specific movements
  • Anticipation drills
  • Glove path development series
  • Foot work glove hand transfers
  • Game awareness and situation
  • Speed and agility training
  • Arm care and arm care recovery routine

coach Pete Berrios

Professional hitting instructor Pete Berrios has 28+ years of experience coaching both amateur and professional players worldwide. Utilizing his gained knowledge, trusted relationships and professional career, Coach Pete has developed the innovative PUREHITTING™ program. His energetic hands-on style of teaching will improve a player’s production and consistency. By making a trusted connection, the PUREHITTING™ philosophy has proven to be successful at every level. Coach Pete believes communication is the most important aspect in a player-instructor relationship. This relationship is the PUREHITTING™ way which builds its foundation on what makes a player grasp the concept of being an ultimate PUREHITTER™.

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What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “Being able to discuss nutrition with Laura and why certain things can be good for our bodies has really started to change the way I think. I really enjoy being able to text or call Laura anytime I have a question about food labels or if I am in a bind and can't think of what to eat at restaurants. She holds me accountable for the food choices I make and I appreciate her ...” - Jada
  • “I gained 30 pounds from quarantine... I went to D1 to U because I couldn't go to the gym and I have loved it! The accountability for my weight loss was awesome. I highly recommend D1 to U.” - Jillian
  • “I began training with Laura about eight weeks ago, and have seen tremendous improvement with my overall strength and stamina! I have a couple of former injuries that Laura understands how to modify so that I can still see the overall health benefit. Her knowledge and training skills are superior, and her energy is super contagious!! I am confident that I will reach my ...” - Teresa A