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Scholastic Training in Alpharetta, GA

Athletic Training for All Ages in Milton

At D1 Training Milton, we have training programs for all ages. Our scholastic training services prepare young individuals for the future – both physically and mentally. With supportive trainers and versatile exercise routines, we instill positive character traits. Teaching the value of accountability and perseverance, our coaches aim to have a lifelong impact on young athletes – developing valuable athletic and cognitive skills.

Our youth athletic training in Milton & Alpharetta consists of four distinct programs:

  • The Rookie Program is for boys and girls ages 7-11. It focuses on agility, coordination, and athletic fundamentals.
  • Designed for ages 12-14, the Developmental Program emphasizes speed and introduces age-appropriate weightlifting.
  • Modeled after collegiate Division 1 programs, the Prep Program caters to teenagers between 15 and 18 years old.
  • The Overtime Program is ideal for student-athletes looking to improve at a specific athletic position. With private coaching and customized workouts, this one-on-one option is highly individualized.

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Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices

When it comes to youth athletic training, discipline and sportsmanship are paramount. With positive feedback and strategic motivation, our Milton and Alpharetta trainers know how to encourage young athletes. We promise to have your child working hard, respecting fair play, and developing self-esteem in no time.

We are not satisfied until our young scholastic members learn the importance of:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Consistency
  • Effort
  • And much more!

We have the flexibility to personalize our scholastic training program to accommodate every athletic level and physique. We believe that continual focus and exercise can lead to self-empowerment and psychological transformation. We also teach the benefits of nutrition. By persuading young individuals to eat healthy meals, our coaches set them up for long-term success.

Our workouts are scientifically proven to optimize safety and athletic development. We know that honing athletic skills for a specific position or sport is not easy. Providing elite guidance and personalized attention, our trainers will sculpt your child’s talents so that they steadily progress and improve.

The D1 Training Milton Difference

We warmly welcome everyone to train at our facilities – regardless of athletic capacity, physique, age, or personality. The goal of our scholastic training services is to lead all young individuals toward success. That said, we understand that success means something different to every person. Athletic development is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. That is why we adjust our workout routines and ambitions to challenge every individual within their limits.

Many fitness trends try to sell customers on the latest fad. As a leading brand in the workout industry for over 18 years, we are confident in our personal trainers and programs. Our top-of-the-line training programs in Alpharetta and Milton are created by an elite panel of athletic specialists, trainers, doctors, and scientists. Backed by scientific studies and years of research and case studies, our training regimen is proven to deliver reliable results.

Call (770) 450-8370 or contact us online to request your free trial for impactful scholastic training at our leading gym in Alpharetta & Milton, GA, today!

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “Being able to discuss nutrition with Laura and why certain things can be good for our bodies has really started to change the way I think. I really enjoy being able to text or call Laura anytime I have a question about food labels or if I am in a bind and can't think of what to eat at restaurants. She holds me accountable for the food choices I make and I appreciate her ...” - Jada
  • “I gained 30 pounds from quarantine... I went to D1 to U because I couldn't go to the gym and I have loved it! The accountability for my weight loss was awesome. I highly recommend D1 to U.” - Jillian
  • “I began training with Laura about eight weeks ago, and have seen tremendous improvement with my overall strength and stamina! I have a couple of former injuries that Laura understands how to modify so that I can still see the overall health benefit. Her knowledge and training skills are superior, and her energy is super contagious!! I am confident that I will reach my ...” - Teresa A