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Scholastic Training in Norwalk

Athletic Training for All Ages

Teen girl wearing "D1" shirt participating in youth fitness in Norwalk

At D1 Training Norwalk,we believe that elite fitness programs should be available to individuals of all ages – adult and youth. That is why we created our scholastic training services. The goal of scholastic training is to prepare young athletes for the future – both physically and psychologically. By developing strong character traits and habits, we can sculpt their athletic skills and sharpen their competitive spirit.

Our scholastic training consists of four distinct programs tailored to specific ages. They are:

  • The Rookie Program – Catering to girls and boys ages 7-11, this training regimen focuses on agility, coordination, and the basics of athletic development.
  • The Developmental Program – Tailored to girls and boys ages 12-14, our developmental program prioritizes speed, strength, and age-appropriate weightlifting.
  • The Prep Program – Designed for girls and boys ages 15-18, this program incorporates all the focal points (power, speed, strength, athleticism) emphasized by collegiate Division 1 programs.
  • The Overtime Program – For student-athletes looking to improve at a specific sport or position, this program entails private coaching services and customized workout routines.

Developing Lifelong Habits & Promoting Healthy Nutrition

Beyond athletic prowess, we also highlight the importance of sportsmanship, compassion, and positivity. Our scholastic trainers encourage our young athletes to work diligently, play fair, and think optimistically.

Instilling humility and self-esteem in equal measures, we strive to cultivate well-rounded athletes who lead with a firm set of core values, such as:

  • Respectfulness
  • Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Perseverance
  • Honesty

two boys during youth sports training

We never try to fit anyone into a rigid template. Our workouts are scientifically proven and personalized to target specific areas to maximize progress. We realize that improving at an athletic position and refining a skillset can be challenging. Providing accountability and motivation, our trainers are ready to help every young athlete overcome obstacles and achieve what they thought impossible.

We also emphasize the value of maintaining a healthy diet. By encouraging young athletes to choose nutritional meals over disposable junk food, we make all efforts to ensure their growing bodies are well-nourished. From lifestyle choices to workout routines, we instill sustainable habits in the youth that will pay off handsomely in the long run.

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What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “Team Training with D1 for our summer sessions was an extension of our fall season because it got our players in tip top shape. Our players came in ready for tryouts & were ready for the grueling FCIAC schedule. They were faster, stronger, and better conditioned. We made it to playoffs and states and really saw the payoff from the summer training with D1. We thank all ...” - Coach Guzman
  • “Our 12-year-old daughter, Lilly has been training with Spencer for more than two months and it has been such a wonderful experience for us. Lilly looks forward to each session and her interest in fitness has grown since starting the program. Spencer sets goals for her and keeps each session fun and challenging. We have seen changes in Lilly's body and tremendous growth in ...”