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Training Tips Done Right with D1: Pull-ups

Author: D1 Training

Pull-ups can be tough! But once you master them, you’ll feel great (literally) about your strength and overall fitness. Pull-ups are an awesome way to challenge your back, shoulder, and arm muscles – and you’ll look COOL doing them!

Pull-ups take serious grip and upper body strength, and not everyone can do them on the first try. But, no worries! In this video, Coach Jordan from D1 Training West NOLA is here to show you three ways to work up to doing a successful pull-up.

  1. The first way to work up to completing an actual pull-up is to focus on the negative of the movement. In other words, practice lowering yourself down from a pull up (or as near to one as you can get), slowly. If you can’t reach the bar, use a box or bench to hoist yourself up. Grip the bar, hold your chin above it, and lower down slowly.
  2. Next, there is no shame in using a band to assist you as you practice. There are two ways to utilize the large rubber band.
    1. First, if you are in the gym with access to a rack, you can stretch the band between the two J-hooks on the band. Use a box or bench to stand on. Grab the bar, then stand on the stretched out band and let it assist you through as many pull up reps as you can do.
    2. Or, if you aren’t working with a bar on a rack that has J-hooks, simply tie a band around the pull up bar, and step into the loop. Again, you may want to use a box or the bench to help you get into position.

Pull-ups are a great exercise to do and be proud of. Like anything, practice makes perfect. Start with one or all of the above pull up training exercises, and before you know it, you’ll be flying up and down that bar!

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