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Waco Youth Fitness Programs: Build Athletic Skills Early

Empower Your Child's Athletic Journey in Waco

We have so much energy when we’re young, which makes it the perfect time to get involved in student-athlete programs or opt to enroll little ones into kids’ workout classes in Waco. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain from honing these fitness habits and skills early on. That’s why, at D1 Training Waco, we created scholastic fitness training programs to help build and improve the confidence in children ages 7 and up. Our holistic approach to fitness allows us to meet clients where they are at and guide them to where they want to be.

We are experts in helping students reach their athletic goals! Call (254) 280-4363 or reach out online to get started with our youth training in Waco!

Explore Our Age-Specific Athletic Training Programs

Beginner Athlete Training: The Rookie Program

Designed For: Children ages 7-11.

Intended To: Create the foundation for athleticism and improve coordination.

Intermediate Athletic Development: The Developmental Program

Designed For: Kids ages 12-14.

Intended To: Incorporate more athletic movements, emphasize both power and speed, and implement weightlifting.

Advanced Athletic Prep: The Prep Program

Designed For: Students ages 15-18.

Intended To: Improve power, speed, and strength with similarities found in Division 1 collegiate programs.

Customized Training for Specific Goals: The Overtime Program

Designed For: Student-athletes with specific goals to meet.

Intended To: Provide semi-private coaching for sport- or position-specific needs.

While each program caters to a different age group, the mission remains the same: Building character. Every 54-minute session brings a new opportunity for crushing your goals. And since our methods are backed by sports science, you can feel comfortable knowing your student is in professional hands.

Those who start young and stick with it have an edge over peers, which makes a difference in any competitive endeavor. Our scholastic trainers are passionate about helping kids learn how to gradually improve their abilities, gain confidence, and empower success along the way.

Take a step towards helping your child reach their athletic potential. Contact us online or call (254) 280-4363 to sign up for our scholastic training programs in Waco today!

What Are The Benefits Of Youth Fitness?

At D1 Training Waco, our youth fitness training program is all about setting students up for success both on and off the field. Our scholastic training program offers numerous benefits for students seeking to improve their overall athletic performance.

  • Improve Sports Performance. Our scholastic athletic training program is designed in a way that not only helps athletes excel in their chosen sport but also reduces the risk of injury while playing.
  • Build Healthy Habits. Our scholastic athletic training program is designed to foster healthy habits that students can carry with them throughout their lives.
  • Improve Mental Health. Youth fitness is linked to improved mental health, as exercise is proven to enhance mood and reduce stress levels.
  • Improve Physical Health. Our training helps students build muscle strength and increase bone density. Additionally, better physical health reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease leading to a healthier and happier lifestyle and helping students reach their full potential.

With D1 Training Waco, you're not just training your body, you're building resilience, discipline, and grit. Join us and feel the energizing benefits of our youth fitness training!

To learn more about our scholastic training in Waco, give us a call at (254) 280-4363 or contact us online.

What Our Athletes Are Saying

  • “I love this place! The trainers are knowledgable and incredibly helpful. They spot things quickly and make sure you are getting the maximum benefit from your work! They are uplifting and really encouraging. They plan great workouts that are fun while they are beneficial. I highly recommend this facility!” - Diana Lynne Crow
  • “I was 62 years old. At one time I was an athlete but I had let the years take their toll on my body. Overweight and out of shape, I knew I needed to do something. I won a 6 month membership so I thought I would give it a try. That was three years ago. It was intimidating to walk thorough those doors. I knew my competitive juices would start to flow, but I also knew I was ...” - Mark W
  • “My oldest daughter Lily began attending D1 DEVO classes last May. She continued to attend 5 Star classes throughout the summer. Throughout these classes she was encouraged by amazing coaches who not only helped her with her overall confidence but strengthen her athletic abilities. Her vertical increased by over 5 inches, running form and take off improved, and overall ...” - Jodi M