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  • “Amazing trainers, clean facility, and good atmosphere. Would highly recommend!”
    Charlotte Guess
    Waco, TX
  • “Thursday nights with the Baylor Crew team at D1 Waco are my favorite nights of the week. The staff are always fired up and pump up the team and it’s just a great place to train and be around motivating people.”
    Juice Spencer
    Waco, TX
  • “I am a student at Baylor and have been coming here for 3 years - it is consistently the highlight of my week and I am incredibly thankful for the enthusiastic, caring, hardworking staff who make D1 more than just a gym. It is a family and I cannot imagine my time here without it! Would highly recommend it to anyone looking for more than just a gym - when you join D1 Waco, you are joining the absolute best team around!”
    Priya Chandna
    Waco, TX
  • “I have been doing 1:1 training with Chris for a month and it has been great. I have lost 5lbs, gained muscle, my strength and balance have improved, and it is a total body workout every time. He has also taught me many things I can do at my own gym to target specific areas. I highly recommend if you need a kick start or have stalled on your own.”
    Kimberly Wollard
    Waco, TX
  • “My daughter has been in the 5 Star athlete program for two years now. She has developed both physically and mentally becoming stronger, faster, and overall more confident. Thank you for investing in our daughter! We love you guys!!”
    Jodi Martin
    Waco, TX
  • “I am at D1 because I value growth and being around those that want to grow as well! It is a fun community and there is an opportunity to high impact on individuals lives!”
  • “One of the coolest things about D1 is the diversity of athletes in the adult classes. Recently former college athletes are training with much older adults who aren't on the same fitness level, but nonetheless all of our athletes encourage each other to give everything they have during the workout. It is awesome to see this as a coach, and this is something that you definitely will not see at an ordinary gym”
  • “I came expecting more of the same old gym atmosphere but I quickly found that there was something different and special about D1 Waco. All of the members are really friendly and helpful and the culture set by staff and members is one of family. I’m so blessed to have found such a great family to be apart of and to have so many people wanting to help me along my journey to my goal.”
  • “I started D1 when Ben Holden and I worked with Kevin trying to get a the Baylor Crew team signed up for some athletic training and injury prevention work. At the time knee and back injuries were very prevalent. So I came and tried out D1 for a month or so. I really liked it but as a college student was unsure of the price point. So I went back to my free gym to train with a friend, but the workouts became Inconsistent and dropped off in intensity. So I did the same thing one more time going to be one for about a month and then reverting back to the old gym. After graduation I went to work and started working out less because I was no longer a part of the rowing team. So, in December 2018 I join back in and started back at D1 and haven’t stopped. The reason I came back is the people. You can find workouts anywhere and do them at any gym, but the classes offer Some thing I just wasn’t getting. Competition, its what dives me and that’s about the only thing that pushes me to be better. When your in strength and you see someone progress and almost catch you it pushes. Same if someone is just a bit ahead of you want to catch them. This may not be the case for everyone but that’s why I train at D1.”
    Will B
    Waco, TX
  • From day one, D1 Waco has been more than a gym to me. D1 Waco provided me family and a safe place to be myself, enjoy my workouts, and build friendships. D1 Waco has not only helped me physically, but I have grown mentally to a large degree since joining in December. I am so happy I made the decision to join the D1 FAMILY.

    Ashley R
    Waco, TX
  • “I started coming to D1 last year because I am a member of the Baylor Spirit Squads. Little did I know, because now D1 has turned into so much more than I could have ever expected. D1 is a family. A family that cheers for you, encourages you, and pushes you to be a better person everyday. D1 was the community I needed when I came to college because they were there for me every day. When I walked in the facility everyday, it did not matter what I made on my test or how hard school was for me at the time. The little things did not matter because it all went away when I walked through the doors since the people at D1 are genuine and they wholeheartedly care about who you are and how you are doing. The members and staff are here for you no matter what and will continue to support you on your hardest days. D1 has become such a family to me that I am now on the staff and I could not think of a better group of people to work alongside. D1 is a world changing place and you will never be the same after joining the family”
    Waco, TX
  • “My oldest daughter Lily began attending D1 DEVO classes last May. She continued to attend 5 Star classes throughout the summer. Throughout these classes she was encouraged by amazing coaches who not only helped her with her overall confidence but strengthen her athletic abilities. Her vertical increased by over 5 inches, running form and take off improved, and overall muscle strength was increased as well. We cannot say enough wonderful things about the D1 program!!”
    Jodi M
    Waco, TX
  • “I was 62 years old. At one time I was an athlete but I had let the years take their toll on my body. Overweight and out of shape, I knew I needed to do something. I won a 6 month membership so I thought I would give it a try. That was three years ago. It was intimidating to walk thorough those doors. I knew my competitive juices would start to flow, but I also knew I was in no way ready to take on the younger people's work ethic. Immediately I found a community. and coaching that was willing to work with me at my level. The coaches were so very encouraging, professional and accommodating that I fell in love right away with Boot Camp. The fact that not only was every day a different routine, but within each day there was variety. Never once in the three years I have been a member have I been bored. The workouts are challenging and yet adaptations are made for me and my limitations. The various ages and abilities are actually a strength of D1 and not a hindrance. Everyone is so encouraging and accepting, even to an old guy. I have accomplished some weight loss, toning of my muscles, increased stamina, increased balance and a greater positive outlook on life. I am motivated by the coaching and the community that I experience every time I am at D1. It is a great place to change your life.”
    Mark W
    Waco, TX
  • “I love this place! The trainers are knowledgable and incredibly helpful. They spot things quickly and make sure you are getting the maximum benefit from your work! They are uplifting and really encouraging. They plan great workouts that are fun while they are beneficial. I highly recommend this facility!”
    Diana Lynne Crow
    Waco, TX