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Train for the Life You Want to Live: The Benefits of Explosive Exercises on Metabolism, Everyday Life, and Practical Examples

man liftingThe significance of maintaining physical fitness for overall health and well-being is well-documented. Here we aim to emphasize the importance of explosive exercises in real-world implications including boosting metabolism, and living a safer and healthier life. By contrasting static and dynamic exercises and recommending three specific explosive exercises, this research offers a blueprint for a more holistic fitness approach.

Static strength training, while beneficial in building muscle mass and strength, may not always fully prepare individuals for real-world scenarios that require agility and explosive movements. In contrast, athletic training, which encompasses a mix of strength, agility, and explosive movements, provides a broader spectrum of physical preparedness.

When many people see D1, the first thought is it is a training facility for football players. It is true we are a facility for football players, but we are also a facility for everyone, because everyone should be training like an athlete, and here is why. The most common goal we hear from our female members is that they want to lose fat and tone up. What does tone up mean? We will break it down for you. Most women need to build muscle, which in turn burns fat, in order to achieve the “toned” look they are picturing in their mind. Even knowing that, many women are scared to pick up weights out of fear they will become muscular overnight. We have never seen that happen.

Strength training is a critical part of training muscle, but many people do not realize explosive training is an important element too. We will discuss this further below. A real-life example of the importance of athletic training is, we recently witnessed a bodybuilder pull his hamstring after running a 40-yard dash, and after warming up. Strength training is critical, but not the only element of fitness and longevity. If you need to cross the street quickly, get out of the way of a car, catch a bus, lose your dog’s leash while on a walk and many other countless examples, you could benefit from athletic training.

Another example that anyone may encounter in their everyday life is, trying to catch a child, pet or important item before it hits the ground. If your body is not prepared or trained to be explosive, you may not be able to help, and you may hurt yourself in the process. Train for the life you want to live.

1. Benefits of Explosive Exercises on Metabolism:

Explosive exercises, such as plyometrics, have been shown to significantly elevate the metabolic rate. High-intensity exercises necessitate higher energy, leading to more calories burned during and post-exercise. The "afterburn" effect, or Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), highlights the metabolic advantages of such exercises. Of course, your body must be prepared for the plyometrics to prevent injuries.

2. Translating Explosive Training to Everyday Life:

Athletic training does not only cater to sports or specific events; it prepares the body for the unpredictabilities of daily life. Agility, reaction times, and explosive power are essential for situations ranging from evading sudden dangers to ensuring stability in challenging terrains. In addition, maximize the efficiency of your workouts and achieve your goals of “toning” faster by boosting your metabolism for 24 hours post-workout. Burn fat while you sleep.

3. Practical Explosive Exercise Recommendations:

To ensure a fitness regimen that truly mimics athletic training, the inclusion of the following three explosive exercises is advised:

  • Plyometric Jump Squats: Known for building explosive power in the lower body, jump squats enhance agility and reaction times, crucial for dynamic actions and quick responses.

  • Cleans: A fundamental Olympic lifting movement, cleans engage the entire body and are particularly effective for developing power, speed, and coordination. The movement involves lifting a barbell from the ground to the shoulders in one fluid motion, demanding both strength and technique. This movement should not be left exclusively for Olympic lifters and athletes. Many people can benefit from safely performing this exercise. It is a total body movement that also develops speed and power. Circling back to our example of a woman wanting to “tone”, this exercise develops the lower body, as well as the common areas women tend to want to improve, including shoulders.

  • Medicine Ball Slams: Concentrating on building explosive power in the upper body, this exercise engages the core, back, and arms, conditioning these muscles for quick, forceful movements. A strong core is important for overall health. Medicine balls are an efficient tool for not only building core strength, but also to train explosiveness and boost that metabolism.


While muscle-building exercises are foundational to fitness, introducing dynamic, explosive movements into one's regimen is paramount for well-rounded physical health. Such exercises not only optimize metabolism but also ensure preparedness for the diverse challenges of everyday life. By embracing a comprehensive approach to fitness, individuals can foster agility, strength, and readiness at any age and throughout life. It is never too late, and it is never too early. Train for the life you want to live.