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  • “I'm 38 and I've been training since high school. I've done countless programs, worked with personal trainers, and worked with nutritionists. This gym, the training, the coaching, and the metrics for measuring progress, are all on the level of what I would expect from an operation that is focused on developing and maintaining high level athletic performance.”
    Neil Curschman
    Henderson, NV
  • “I started at D1 a little less than a month ago now. I started to try and keep up with my kids (they also work out here), but also to get stronger, feel more confident in my own skin and create a healthier version of me. Love this place and the community! Seeing a difference in my running and looking forward to achieving more.”
    Veronica Brady
    Henderson, NV
  • Mena is the mother of one of our D1 scholastic gymnasts. In just 7 weeks she gained 7 lbs of muscle and lost over 6 lbs of fat.

    Brandon Fusco played in the NFL for almost 10 years before having a career ending injury. He came to use and lost over 34 lbs of fat, 10% body fat and gained 10 lbs of muscle in just over 2 months.

    Roy lost 19 lbs of body fat, 7% body fat and gained 3 lbs of muscle in about 2 months.

    Chris gained 10 lbs of muscle while losing over 15 lbs of fat. His body fat percentage went from 18% to only 10%.

    Our member with the biggest fat loss lost 39lbs of fat.

    Our members with the biggest skeletal muscle mass gains tied at 10.1 in less than 2 months of training.

    Last year our adult members lost a collective 293.7 lbs of body fat while gaining 115.6 of muscle. Join the team and change your life.

    Check out more here!

  • “D1 is a very effective workout for the motivated athlete. All the trainers offer different techniques and every class is different. If you’re looking to be pushed and excel with great people supporting you - check out D1 like yesterday .. don’t wait!”
    Lorenzo Anguiano
    Las Vegas, NV
  • “Since starting D1, my cardio has improved tremendously on the ice. I'm able to stay out longer and my shift recovery is quicker. I have even noticed that my balance and turns are smoother. I can't wait to continue my journey with D1. Plus the coaches are awesome and all the other kids are very supportive.”
    Mason Phlegar
    Las Vegas, NV
  • “I recently changed from a cardio heavy gym to D1 in order to increase my strength training. So far, I'm sore every day! Using muscles I haven't in years, yet still getting the cardio I need. The coaches are great, they work with my back issues and help modify the exercises to better suit my needs. They really pay attention to correct form and safety. It's a great workout.”
    Sarena Olsen
    Henderson, NV
  • “The Trainers at D1 have been very helpful, motivational & attentive at helping me get on track with starting a fitness program. I appreciate the small group focused environment where 54 minutes is Seriously putting in WORK! The facility is spotless & the equipment is like new & very clean. The trainers take the time to make sure your doing the exercise's correctly & are very patient with my beginner self.”
    Cely Lajara
    Henderson, NV
  • “The coaches have been amazing for the Devo workout. When I first started I was shy and just working out at D1 Henderson has boosted my confidence and fitness. I look forward to my workout sessions daily.”
    Mahaila Tavares
    Henderson, NV
  • “I can tell the difference in only 20 workouts with D1 training. I’m quicker and stronger in wrestling and lacrosse. The coaches push me and I never want to skip a workout.”
    Otis Ruth
    Henderson, NV
  • “First heard about D1 at my sons school and came for a consultation. Meeting Mikaela was the best thing that happened to my son. She has helped him improve on and off the court with his footwork and shooting skills. She is always checking in on us to how he is doing to see how she can help him. We are forever greatful for Coach Mikk. She is one in a million.”
    Larissa Bell
    Henderson, NV
  • “Gym is great! Mikaela is the realest and keeps you on point”
    Diamond Oculus
    Henderson, NV
  • “D1 has been a great experience for my entire family. Meeting coach Mikaela during my sons consultation was the best thing that could have happened for me. Not only did I leave signing my kids up but my husband and I as well. Some weeks it is hard to stay motivated and she has really kept us moving. Mikaela is very personable and knowledgeable.She is always cheerful and pushes us hard to accomplish our goals, we have worked harder and longer only because of her.”
    Shinia Wade
    Henderson, NV
  • “Both of my boys (14) and (15) have been training with Coach Mikaela for the past few month. Their results with their speed and agility are like night and day. Their performance on and off the field has improved more than I would have ever thought possible. She pushes them, never gives up on them, checks in on them and has them being the best they can be.”
    Heather Loughlin
    Henderson, NV
  • “We have been training at D1 facility with coach Mikeala for several months now and have some incredible improvements in our 8 year old sons footwork, speed, strength and agility. Coach Mikk has the right energy and experience to take our son from excellent to elite and we are thankful. The facility is great!”
    Landon Dyksterhouse
    Henderson, NV
  • “D1 training has helped me be faster and quicker on the field. D1 provides my sister and I a comfortable environment where I can work out and get in shape for soccer.”
    Destanee Henderson-Hosley
    Henderson, NV
  • “I primarily train under Coach Mikaela Stanton in group sessions at the Henderson, NV location and she pushes us and keeps us accountable in a respectful and inspiring way. Whenever I’m having off days and need modifications, she’s excellent at helping me make the proper adjustments and offering me tips to rehab the problem areas. I can trust that D1 is the perfect training facility for me, as a competing high level athlete. I’m already happy with the results and progress from just one month of training here. Highly recommend.”
    Sheryl B.
    Las Vegas, NV
  • “I’ve only been taking classes for about 2 weeks now but I absolutely love it. I’ve always loved being pushed to work harder and I love having somewhat of a team format. Classes definitely would not be the same without Mikaela leading it. She’s absolutely loved by everyone in class and she creates an environment that makes you just want to be there and work your hardest. The workouts are very challenging but at no point have I felt like I wasn’t doing enough because Mikaela is very supportive yet encouraging while somehow also pushing you to be your best. It’s a very refreshing leadership style because it makes you want to come back over and over.”
    Kaipo Orellana
    Henderson, NV
  • “During the course of working out with Coach Mikaela, I have experienced a whole new level of hard work. Every time I get in the lab with her, she pushes me to set the bar at least one percent higher every time. No matter what time of day or whats going on that day she will give you her full effort to make you better. Due to her energy while being there it makes me want to come back and get after the next workout. Her passion for her clients is one to none and Im grateful to have a trainer that will run through a wall for me if she had to.”
    Dominik Tavares
    Henderson, NV
  • “Each and every time I come in my trainer is happy and ready to help prepare me to go play college football, I always get in a great workout where I Pisa my body to its limits. I always love coming in and training and even when I’m not there coach Mikaela makes sure I’m okay and eating right.”
    Noah Childress
    Henderson, NV
  • “From day one meeting Coach Mikaela it has been an uphill journey. I came from another gym and wasn’t getting what I needed for myself. My first assessment was great and from there I’ve been meeting my goals with the help of Coach Mikaela she holds me accountable and definitely goes the extra mile. This is not just a job for her this is her passion.And it shows through her clients! D1 thank you for proving me with a great trainer!”
    Darlene Sua
    Las Vegas, NV
  • “I love working out here and the coaches always push me to do better and work harder! I've already lost 10 pounds since I started and I've bettered in various areas in my sport”
    Milton Uribe
    Las Vegas, NV
  • “I haven't been at my baseline physical activity for about 2 years now. Thanks COVID. When I decided to do a travel nurse assignment in Vegas, I thought I might as well spend my off days getting back into shape. I tried out D1, hoping it was going to be as fun as the one in Nashville, and my main coach Mikaela accepted the challenge. In just the first 2-3 weeks, I lost 10 lbs by just cleaning up my diet and training SAFELY and PURPOSEFULLY. I trust my trainer to make sure I'm safe but also to push and support me. I'm at D1 on ALL my days off. Big thanks to the staff for using all the tools available to them, like In-Body, to make the assessment numbers matter and make sense!!”
    Ruby Ganal
    Las Vegas, NV
  • “I'm only 12 but I am learning so much here at D1. The coaches are awesome, the sessions are fun, and I can feel myself getting leaner & stronger. Thank you to everyone there thats helping me be better athlete!”
    Jeremiah Byndloss
    Henderson, NV
  • “I’ve been working out at D1 Henderson since August. I Love the trainers and all the staff at D1! Taylor and all the crew at D1 Henderson are the Greatest and have helped me get ready for my upcoming High School Baseball season!”
    Henderson, NV