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Posts from June, 2023

  • The Ultimate Guide for Men Over 30: How to Get Stronger and Add Muscle As men over 30, getting stronger and adding muscle can be a daunting task. You may feel like you've missed the boat, or that it's too late to make any significant changes. However, that couldn't be any further from the truth. With the right combination of exercise, ... Continue Reading
  • Eating the Right Vegetables for Peak Athletic Performance As a coach, I know that nutrition is key when it comes to peak athletic performance. It's not just about hitting the gym and building muscle, but also about fueling your body with the right foods. And I'm not just talking about protein shakes and powders. Vegetables are a ... Continue Reading
  • Women's Guide to Getting Back in Shape at 30+ As women, we often struggle to balance our personal lives and career while trying to stay healthy and fit. With each passing decade, the struggle to maintain our physical health becomes even harder. However, there is no need to despair, and all hope is not lost. In this blog ... Continue Reading
  • Expert Tips: Why the Fitness Sled is Great for All Ages | D1 Training Naples Discover why the fitness sled is an effective piece of equipment for all age groups - from children to adults - and find out some expert tips on how to get the most out of it. This piece of equipment is incredibly versatile and can be used for all kinds of training, from ... Continue Reading