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Posts from September, 2023

  • Breaking up with Your Screens: Why Too Much Screen Time Negatively Affects Your Training In a world where most of our lives revolve around digital screens, it’s hard to avoid being glued to one. From social media, emails, and even work, we spend a significant amount of time staring at screens. This excessive screen time is becoming a part of our daily routine ... Continue Reading
  • How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Exercise Routine and Reduce Stress We all know exercise is good for our physical health and mental wellbeing. However, what if we told you there was a way to enhance your workout and reduce stress levels at the same time? That's where mindfulness comes into play. Mindfulness involves paying attention to the ... Continue Reading
  • Cheat Meals: Can They Be Part of a Healthy Diet? Exercise and healthy eating go hand-in-hand. On days when you're training hard or sticking to a restricted diet, a cheat meal can sound like the ultimate reward. It’s a chance to indulge in your favorite dish or treat without feeling guilty or worrying about the numbers. Can ... Continue Reading
  • Is Fast Food Really That Bad? The Truth About Fast Food and Your Diet Fast food has been getting a bad reputation for decades now. It's no secret that fast food is high in calories, fat, and sugar. But is it really that bad, or can we enjoy these foods in moderation? Many people are puzzled by this question, especially those who love fast food ... Continue Reading
  • The Shocking Truth About Vegetables: Why They Are Essential for Your Health If you're an athlete, a person searching for nutrition advice, a kid, a parent, keto, low carb, or carnivore, then you're probably wondering why vegetables are important. I mean, who needs veggies when you can have a juicy steak, right? Well, it turns out that vegetables are ... Continue Reading
  • The Ultimate Training Guide for Young Athletes that Actually Works! Do you want to train your young athlete to be the next LeBron James? Or maybe the next Simone Biles? Whatever their chosen sport, as a parent or coach, it's important to give them the right training that can help them achieve their goals. However, with so much information ... Continue Reading
  • Who Needs Strength Training? Oh, Just Basketball Players If you want to be a solid basketball player, you need to be more than just quick on your feet or have good shooting skills. You need both physical and mental toughness, and to build that up, there's no better way than with specific strength training. I mean, sure, you could ... Continue Reading
  • HIIT vs LISS: The Battle of Fat Loss Are you tired of low-intensity steady-state (LISS) cardio, but not sure if high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is for you? Struggle to choose between the two routines? Don't worry, you're not alone! Many fitness enthusiasts are trying to find the best fat loss method to ... Continue Reading
  • The Hidden Benefits of Lifting Straps: Don't Be Fooled by the Simple Design For most gym enthusiasts, lifting straps are an affordable investment designed to improve their strength training. However, with their simple design and ease of use, it's easy to underestimate the value that lifting straps add to your workout routine. But the truth is, if ... Continue Reading
  • Why Group Training is More Beneficial for Your Kids In today's age of technology, kids are glued to their screens, playing video games, scrolling social media, and watching endless hours of TV shows. This creates a sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to several health issues like obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. Hence, ... Continue Reading
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