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Q&A with a Fitness Coach: Unveiling the Power of Creatine and Essential Tips for Adults on a Fitness Journey

Author: D1 Training Henderson

What is the number one supplement you cannot live without?

My number one would have to be Creatine. This is because I am very into heavy lifting, strength, and gaining muscle. Most men have similar interests, but Creatine is beneficial for both men and women. I favor Creatine because it's excellent for muscle gain, strength enhancement, and fat burning. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. It's a valuable tool for women as well, especially those aiming to build lean muscle. When you take Creatine, it aids you in doing more reps and lifting heavier weights. Consequently, you gain muscle faster.

How often does your basal metabolic rate change?

It changes relatively frequently, mainly due to weight gain or loss. The more weight you carry, the higher your BMR will be. If you constantly fluctuate in weight, your BMR will change accordingly. The shifts aren't always significant, but they occur often enough. If you're aware of your current weight and can get a body composition scan, it will provide precise data. However, remember that your BMR also adjusts based on the amount of muscle mass you have.

What is the number one question you get from women?

The most frequent question revolves around Creatine: "Is it okay to take Creatine? Should I take Creatine? What does Creatine do?" My answer is yes, especially if you're fitness-oriented, aiming for muscle gain, fat loss, or just a better overall fitness experience. While our bodies naturally produce Creatine, the amounts are insufficient for the full benefits. In essence, Creatine provides your body with more fuel, allowing you to lift heavier weights and perform more reps. It enhances your energy in the gym and provides your muscles with the power they need.

What is the number one question you get from men?

There are various questions from men. Some inquire about Creatine, others about protein, and a few on calorie intake. However, the most frequent query is about protein. While many men consume more food than women, it's essential to source protein from both food and supplements. The best way to obtain protein is through food sources like chicken, steak, and fish. Protein powder becomes crucial for those who are vegan or vegetarian and might not get enough protein from their diet. Aiming for a protein intake close to your body weight in grams per day ensures adequate recovery from workouts and keeps you satiated, reducing overall calorie consumption.

Leave us with one piece of advice, please:

Consistency is key, be it in fitness, lifestyle, or work. When you witness progress and achieve your goals, it motivates you to remain consistent. Just persevere and stay the course!